CCC Entertainment - Wrong Up-Lighting for Wedding Reception

Posted on Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 at 2:42pm CST by 9bd2fed2

Product: Lime Color Up-Lights

Company: CCC Entertainment

Location: PO Box 770411
Coral Springs, Fl, 33077, US


Category: Other

Carlos Periu from CCC Entertainment was hired as a sub-contractor to provide up-lighting for my client's wedding reception. There were a few occasions in the past where I would need some of Carlos Periu's services everything was always handled by gentleman's handshake although there were times in the past where Mr.Periu would cancel our agreement at the very last minute I over looked that and forgive him because I know he needed the money struggling as a police officer and doing entertainment business. This particular event turned out to be a huge disaster my client was very unhappy with the up-lighting they did not want to discuss the balance that they owed me they wanted a significant discount because of Mr. Periu's mistake with the up-lighting. Until the very last second Carlos was supposed to meet me at the event instead when I got there I ended up meeting his partners and that's when all the trouble broke lose with not only their work being so inferior but they had the audacity to steal my equipment. I don't consider Mr. Periu to be my competitor but I do hold him responsible for this theft a police report has been filed.


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