Community Hospital of San Pablo Laguna - Stupid Community Hospital of San Pablo Laguna

Posted on Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 at 11:47pm CST by c0a379cb

Product: Community Hospital of San Pablo Laguna

Company: Community Hospital of San Pablo Laguna

Location: Brgy, San Roque
San Pablo, La, 4000, PH

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The first time i brought my son to this hospital was on january 11 2011 due to "Amoebiasis", he stayed there until january 15, 2011.We got their "Private Room" so my son would be able to have enough rest, the room was not worth the price because the room was extremely small, the TV had no remote control, the windows cannot be shut closed (flies and mosquitos can get in). But asside from that everything was quite ok until he was discharged and i ended up just paying 26.00 pesos (Because of me being an Intellicare member and ofcourse Philhealth).After a month my son had this extreme mouth sore which is called "Thrush" which made me decide on bringing him to that same hospital (because it was the closest), before he was confined, he had his monthly check up with his pediatrician on february 10, 2011, he already had a couple of "singaw" that day (maybe 1-2 spots) his pedia prescribed an antibiotic called "Co-Amoxiclab" and said that the mouth sore would be gone within 2-3 days... but she was wrong. On February 12, 2011 my sons upper and lower lip including his tongue was covered with Mouth sores! it was so bad that my son could barely drink or even close his mouth! plus he's had an on and off fever for 3 days! This made me think of rushing him to the nearest hospital which is the "Community Hospital of San Pablo Laguna". At the E.R. the Nurses on duty suggested that i have my son admitted due to my sons inability to eat nor drink, i agreed. After attaching an I.V. to my son, we were escorted to our "Private Room", it was worst than the previous crappy room we had a month ago, its TV was broken! plus it doesnt have a remote again! WTF!. But it was ok, i didnt have a choice. That night i spoke to the nurse after she called my sons Pediatrician, she said the Pedia advised that they give my son a different kind of antibiotic, she said it was stronger than "Co-Amoxiclab" but they refused to tell what the name was. That night (February 12, 2011) my son had his 1st dose. The next day, my sons mouth sore was worst! my sons lips was swollen! they said it was normal because the antibiotic was killing the virus which made sense.From that day until february 21, 2011, the nurses told me that they cannot provide me a Medical Certificate because the Pediatrician doesnt have a diagnosis yet! my son has been there for 10 days now and they've been giving my soon doses of antibiotic, Lip creams etc. but they still dont know what they were dealing with?! that very is stupid! The next day my wife requested my son to be discharged because the swelling had subside and the wounds where almost dry. At the billing section my mother in law was submitting all the documents for my sons Philhealth coverage so we can bring him home, guess what? the person at the billing section said that my philhealth coverage cannot be honored because my MDR was not signed by Elizabeth S. Fernandez the AVP for NCR SOUTH! WTF?! never will you see an MDR with an actual signature from the AVP because MDR's are usually urgently needed! that moron doesnt now her job! So, my in laws ended up Paying 15,000 pesos which should have been covered by Philhealth! I didnt know that such a moron existed so i entrusted my mother in law to process the bill out. This Hospital is allowing morons to be part of their staff. I would not refer this Hospital to anybody! They are deceiving people!!! NEVER BRING ANYONE YOU LOVE TO THIS HOSPITAL!


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