TRS - Ashley Furniture (Mesquite, TX) - Credit Card Dispute - Unauthorized Bank Purchase

Posted on Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 at 4:23pm CST by e71fa5bf

Product: 3 Twin Bedroom Suits

Company: TRS - Ashley Furniture (Mesquite, TX)

Location: 1330 N Town East Blvd Ste 300
Mesquite, TX, 75150-4159, US


Category: Other

Credit Card Dispute - Unauthorized Bank Purchase: I was on a contract for three Twin Bedrooms Suits and I made monthly walk-in payments. At the time of purchase I did not set-up my account for TRS, Inc. to take monthly withdrawls from my Checking Account.

I would go into the Ashley Furniture to get to TRS to make a payment with cash or sometimes with my credit card. I learned Kevin Lopez had saved my Visa card information on file without my signed consent.

For three bedroom suits the purchase price was $1800.00 over the two year contract I had paid over $4800.00. I had contacted Kevin Lopez on several occassions on the reason why I had fallen behind. None of my pieces were paid off until I made the final payment.

On 9/22/10 I received a text from my bank for a purchase amount of $233.69 - The Rental Store Inc 480. I contacted Kevin Lopez because he was the only individual I always handed my card off to to process my payments. After contacting Kevin Lopez regarding him making an unauthorized purchase he had refused to return my money.

I had filed a Customer Claim with the bank and they refunded the money. Then I received another letter 15-days later and the Bank had taken the money back.

The bank stated TRS-Mesquite had been given authorization to make the purchase by Kevin Lopez.

Chase Bank, Kevin Lopez and I had done a phone conference and Kevin continue to lie and say that I had given him auhorization to make the payment,and he has a form on file giving them permission to deduct money from my account. My contract was never set-up for TRS to make unauthorize purchases on my credit card.

I have contacted the Corporate office at 800-883-7368 on several occasion and left messages and no one has ever returned my call. Since then I have contacted them and all you get is a recording and the system is never available to leave messages as of to date 2/22/11.

I decided to go into Ashley's again on Monday 2/21/11 check out the President's day sale and to look at a night stand and chest. I went to TRS-Mesquite to learn Kevin Lopez and the whole old staff is no longer working within that department. TRS-Mesquite has cleaned house that doesn't excuse the fact the company is still held liable for their employees actions.

TRS, as a consumer you have failed your loyal customers for the reasons as followed:

***to provide good customer service to lots of people who were on the path to putting money back into the economy.

***to listen to your customer complaints

***phone service 800-883-7368 unacceptable can not leave message or no one return calls

***Unprofessional workers

Another bad company on the down fall to take from the poor to make themselves rich.

After two years of having to deal with such a nightmare. You have taken my trust as loyal customer not to finance again.


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