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Posted on Monday, February 21st, 2011 at 9:48pm CST by a13af942

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Dear Customer Service Manager,

Last September I got involved in a special academic program offered by my business school that makes me spend one year abroad: four months in Beijing and five months in New-York City. So, since last September, I have been living in China and in the USA where I still am currently.

As Virgin Mobile does not provide phone network neither in China nor in the US (I could see it as my phone with the Virgin Mobile SIM card did not work there), I decided to write you a letter of resignation. Indeed, even if I was still engaged in my two-year mobile calling plan for one further year. The official date of the end of the contract would have been the 15 September 2011.

In the Virgin Mobile subscription contract, it is written that an engagement can be interrupted without any fees if: moving to another country where Virgin Mobile is not covering. There is no precision of any kind about whether it is the tenant of the contract or the user of the phone that has to move to another country.

However, I have never received any answer to my letter in any way: no e-mail, no written letter, and no text messages (as I my SIM card did not work in China). My father, tenant but not user of the mobile calling plan, called you twice (once in October and once in November) and re-sent you a written letter to confirm my resignation wish. The only answer he got was a written letter that asked him to pay a 455-euros fee (amount of money that I would have had to pay until the official end of contract for using, as usual, my calling plan every month) for interrupting the contract before automatic contract ending in September 2011.

Lets just say that I dont move to another country but that I just want to interrupt my engagement without any reliable excuse mentioned in the contract. Even in this particular case (which, I repeat, is fictive), I never should be paying the total amount of 455 Euros. In fact, maybe you dont know the Chatel Law that was enforced the 1st of June 2008 in France. I think you do but you hope customers dont. Do you think that its the role of customers to point you out the law companies are obliged to respect? I dont think so. I just remind you of what this law is saying: if youre engaged in a mobile phone contract but you want to interrupt it, you can interrupt your contract but you just have to pay one quarter of the left amount that you would have paid to the company if not interrupting the contract. In other words, if I am obliged to pay a fee for my premature interruption of contract, I would not be obliged to pay 455 Euros, but a quarter of it at worse, so 113.75 Euros.

So how to summarize my current situation? Simple. My father is still paying for my phone line 39.90 Euros per month for a non-usable phone.

I think your after-sale services are a mess! Such a lack of reactivity and respect regarding the contract are unacceptable and unworthy of such a big French company like yours. I have met my personal attorney accompanied by my father and, if you do not interrupt my engagement without any fee, we will pursue Virgin Mobile for non-respect of contract. Of course I have already sent a letter to 60 Millions of consumers, the famous French journal written by and for consumers (as I hope you know), explaining my delicate situation towards your company. As, the journalist confirmed, I am far from being the only one of your customers that you provided unacceptable service while they were facing exactly the same issue than me. So you easily understand how much a negative article published in this magazine can affect deeply your company. Therefore, if I were you, I would not wait too long for changing your service policy.

In brief, I ask you to reimburse me the total amount of money that you withdrew automatically from my fathers bank account from September 2010 to January 2011, which represents a total of 39.90X5= 199.5 Euros to be accurate. As for the subscription of my contract, I already gave you my bank account numbers. So I suppose you wont have any troubles to transfer the money back to my account.

I will end this letter by some suggestions of mine that may help you improve your service as I actually work in the field of Customer Relationship Management. Maybe youll take them into account. First, its nothing at all to answer at least the letters of all types sent by customers, even complaint letters, because customers are why your company still exists. So how can you pretend you are serving the customers interests when you dont even take them into account? A contract is supposed to be respected as well in good times as in bad times.

Finally, you should, in such cases like mine, address directly the problem of the customers, giving him a clear and accurate answer about what are his options. Indeed, some friends of mine faced the same problem than me to resign their mobile phone contracts. Some of them were offered by their mobile phone companies to suspend their phone line during their trip abroad. Through the suspension, they only paid 8 Euros a month just to keep their phone line and receive text messages. When they come back to France, they will get their phone line and their calling plan back. Why havent I be informed about this option?

Please respond promptly.


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