Whirlpool Corp - Whirlpool Cabrio Dryer 2010 Model WED6200SW1 Catches FIRE

Posted on Monday, February 21st, 2011 at 11:00am CST by f8c6c08d

Product: WED6200SW1

Company: Whirlpool Corp

Location: US

Category: Other

FIRE! FIRE! Yes, my 2010 model Cabrio dryer - which I always considered to be poor quality because it wont dry the clothes on the first cycle and it takes a 2nd "touch-up" cycle to complete the job - just went up in flames. My wife was using the dryer and had recently cleaned the lint filter. I came home and she said that the dryer sparked from the back and quit. I reset the popped circuit breaker, removed all the clothes, checked the plug connection to the wall, and hit the dryer's "power" button. Immediately SPARKS, SMOKE AND FIRE flew from the rear and I unplugged and started to pull the machine out from the wall, only to find that there was a fire burning around the vent and a hole the size of a quarter blown through the back panel about 8" from the vent. It took a few minutes to put out the fire around the vent area which seemed to be the source of the flames (also had a fire extinguisher handy if needed). Removed the back panel and found that bare wiring had rubbed the back panel. The wire that had shorted against the back panel had a tiny piece of electrical tape around it, and next to it was another wire with an obvious nick (insulation missing)that appeared to have been pinched during assembly. What obviously happened was that the wiring harness got nicked during assembly and some fool put a piece of electrical tape on the one wire which eventually wore through from vibration. The fire was the sparks hitting the internal plastic collar around the dryer vent that went up in flames. By the way, the matching washer was junk, too, and I replaced it with an older 2009 model Cabrio because it would not clean dirty clothes (2010 models have no user water level adjustment or agitator; just a "wash plate" that is useless). FOR SAFETY AND PERFORMANCE DON'T BUY THESE MODELS OR THEIR CURRENT REPLACEMENTS!


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