Blockbuster - Store Closing Sale, Can You Say SCAM

Posted on Monday, February 21st, 2011 at 2:27pm CST by c458eec9

Product: Entire Store On Sale

Company: Blockbuster

Location: Corner of Welch and Rock Springs Road
Apopka, FL, US


Category: Other

Ok, this is an example of how businesses are being run into the ground in Florida!! We would shop in this store for previously viewed dvds..sometimes 4 for $20, sometimes 5 for $20 at odd times even 2 for $ this store is going out of business and the sign says "entire store on sale"..BUT when you first walk into the store you see a shelf and a huge sign that says "items on this shelf NOT for sale"..can you say false advertizement?? I can!!

Second some titles are $3.99..ok, this is a great price..for maybe three or four different titles they have about a million copies of..out of all of the available dvds we found a grand total of drum roll please da ta daaa 1...I should add for the special price of $3.99 you get no dvd guess is they ended up in the, the next sale price is $9.99 for every title, not just the newer movies, the older movies as well..movies we would normally get for $5 or $4 we now are expected to pay $9.99..and the even funnier thing about it..the newer titles are actually one penny cheaper then they would be if the store was not is this a sale?? The old movies are now $5 and $6 higher then they would normally be, and the newer movies are a whole penny cheaper..and some items aren't even a part of "the entire store on sale"! Funny thing is, when we paid for our one $3.99 boxless movie, a few customers were trying to drill it into the thick heads of the employees these prices are not sale prices, but instead are a joke, they were getting no where, and finally left empty employee tried to convince us that the $9.99 price is a fair trade coz we are actually getting the newer titles for $9.99..instead of the regular price of $10.00..the newer titles are about 10% cheaper then their stated price..that's 10% off of $24.00 you do the math..take off your shoes if you need to!! This store closing sale is a joke..the funny thing is we see people walking in then coming back out about 20 mins later empty handed and shaking their Lady who picked out a few $3.99 titles stated "that so called sale is a scam and Blockbuster should be ashamed!!" We agree!! Shame on you Block Buster!!

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c458eec9, 2011-03-15, 02:35PM CDT

Well, they dropped the prices down to $7.99 and $2.99 for the boxless dvds..ok, a little better...a week later the prices went down to $3.99 and $1.99...the final prices were $2.99 & .99..had they dropped the prices down where they belonged to begin with that store would have been empty by the time it closed it's doors for good!! They also should have put the new titles out a few each week, instead of all at once.. my other bone of contention...instead of putting up those damn 30% 40% etc etc signs why not just put up one huge sign ALL DVDS such and such price...boxsets this price..they did it with the boxless dvds, but oh no not the others they had to confuse their customers..also the moron employee wouldn't stop talking, even the manager was trying to shut him up, the more she tried, the more he ran his got so bad one customer who had about 10 movies..asked a simple question about the pricing, and instead of just saying "all movies are $3.99" he had to go into an entire rhetoric about taking off 60% and adding it back on then taking off another % he basically said "we're cheating you the customer and here's how" she bought three movies then left...what a moron!

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