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Posted on Monday, February 21st, 2011 at 12:27pm CST by 72536cc9

Company: Install-it

Location: 1118 Entrance Road Leesville, LA 71446-8946
leesville, la, 71446, US


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Are you kidding me? I have NEVER come across a more unprofessional establishment. First, when you walk in, the store manager and sales rep (Tammy) is loudly gossiping, cursing and speaking rudely around customers, about customers. Every other word out of the loud woman's mouth is the *F* word. Do not bring your children here, they WILL leave with a new vocabulary. The business is located half a mile from the main gate of Fort Polk. they will leave with a home of heros. The military are their biggest customers, yet they speak about our troops as if they are blindly stupid. The store owner/head installer, Dan, has an unwarranted God complex and thinks everyone other than himself is a complete idiot and treats everyone as such. I have been there on two separate occasions where angry costomers have been in to complain about malfunctioning electrical issues in thier vehicles after a simple radio installation. On one of these occassions after an install a man's wife's airbags in her vehicle deployed and broke her nose while driving. They also apparently cant seem to be able to order equipment or parts when they say they will, and when the person comes into check on said order, they always have some kind of convenient story as to why the product has not shown up, when actually it was never ordered due to laziness. I have been all over the world and been to many small town stereo installation shops and I have NEVER been so disappointed and alienated by the employees and the experience. I dont recommened this shop to anyone, especially soldiers. Save your money and drive to Lake Charles where you are treated like a human...and a REAL paying costomer.

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e0e9d81c, 2012-07-17, 01:58PM CDT

If you do not remove this complaint I will Sue you! This is slander. I am the owner of install-it

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