Danny's Disposal and Recycling Inc - Complaint with Danny's Disposal Melrose, MN

Posted on Monday, February 21st, 2011 at 3:03pm CST by 60ef8ed8

Product: Garbage Disposal and Recycling

Company: Danny's Disposal and Recycling Inc

Location: 38084 Thunder Rd
Melrose, MN, 56352, US

Category: Other

I would not recommend Danny's Disposal in Melrose, MN! They refused to get their bins after I called to cancel their service. I had to call multiple times, and they didn't get the bins until the bill was way overdue.

They also did not show up when they were supposed to. They did not correct their billings when they made an error, and they liked to threaten me that they would submit bills to the county to be assessed on property taxes.

Yes, they even billed me when no one was living at the property and they weren't picking up any garbage. I think that is another reason they don't like to pick up bins as they can still keep the monthly billing going.

Their main goal seemed to me that they would not pick up their container in hopes that the next person at the property would feel forced to use their service. That's why I think Danny's Disposal wouldn't pick up their containers and even stated that I needed to scrub the containers clean before they would pick them up.

There are other haulers like Bueckers or even West Central that treat their customers fairly and don't threaten them like Danny's Disposal did to me. Danny's Disposal was so rude to me that I never want to deal with them again.


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