Certified Contractors Coalition - Certified Contractors Coalition Not Good People!

Posted on Sunday, February 20th, 2011 at 8:04pm CST by 51e4aacd

Product: certifiedcontractorscoalition.com

Company: Certified Contractors Coalition

Location: Dallas, TX, 75102, US

URL: http://www.certifiedcontractorscoalition.com

Category: Other

The website is: certifiedcontractorscoalition.com

Do not hire these guys at certified contractors coalition! They will do very mean things to you! They will take a stick and put in poop and chase your goat!!! They will put poop on your porch and light it on fire and ring your doorbell and point at you and laugh.

You should stay away from these guys! They are horrible mean!!! They will try to shave your dog so it has a mohawk!!! If you hire their painter he will try to open your window to get paint inside your house!!! If you hire their roofer he will try to throw shingles onto your cat and your RABBIT!

The certified contractors coalition guys will flirt with your wife and get her to leave you!!! Keep away from certifiedcontractorscoalition.com!!!

They will spray paint your goat too! and they will trip your children with a garden hose and then will point at them and laugh!!!

If you don't want poop on your shoe then stay away frome these mean people! They are HORRIBLE!!!


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