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Posted on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 at 2:29pm CST by 435951c2

Product: dating website okcupid

Company: okcupid and humor rainbow inc.

Location: 589 8th ave 11th floor
NY, NY, 10018, US

URL: http://www.okcupid.com/

Category: Internet Services

on January 26, 2011 on okcupid.com i was surprised with an email stating my photos were reported and deleted off the site...i couldn't understand why i followed proper guidelines...to my next surprise i received an email from a mature woman stating, "my profile is featured in another okcupid users journal by the name DAAVEE, titled "And the psycho profile award goes to"...once you clicked on that title, it would direct you to my personal page...i was enraged and afraid...i begged the user to please remove me from his page that he had no business with me...instead i had to deal with comments full of profanity, abuse, and threats...along with the my stolen photo being exposed and exploited for no reason...he made a link by the name "this is a mustache" in the journal and when you click this link my photo appears...now my photo was being harassed as well...i scan through the journal to discover he is also degrading other female users photos as well...i decided to report him and contact okcupid staff about this menace numerous times....my sister who was also a witness contacted okcupid via email and phone with me...okcupid owners and staff are ignoring me and the situation...i take it further by contacting the local news, cable, dell, DA office, authorities...and my only solution is to take this to the NYPD detective squad and file a complaint and then go back to the DA office with it...also threats were said such as, "blood on the streets" and "i stole josie's ip address" " i have mpgs of josiemetal eating monkey jizz omlets" i was informed that the journal and my photo would be re posted and reappear later on...i am fearful of going through this torture again...why should i have to be degraded,stressed out, fearful, threatened, and put up with sleepless nights trying to take care of this harassment when okcupid should have taken care of it from day one...instead his page is still up and running while mine the innocent one is deleted and blocked...it makes me believe it could be ockupid staff sabotaging me...i wonder how many innocent women and victims this has happened to and they could not voice it...how would you feel if this was your wife, mother, sisters, daughter, or girlfriend going through this harassment... it is not fair and unjust... isn't there a law on privacy wether it is on the internet or not, why should i have to be exposed and harassed for no reason...this creep should not have my photo and play with it, or anyone elses...i have documented and filmed all evidence of these horrifying events...i have started a video on you tube of this discovery and more shall come...i have made a blogger and will post the links at the end of this report...no woman or person should have to be degraded and harassed on any site along with their identity in their photo being exposed...please help me take care of this parasite and his followers because their are a menace to the internet...no one is safe while they are out there and getting away with this harmful cyber bullying needs to be put to an end immediately...okcupid.com should be taken off the internet because they do not care for the users, there is no hotline to call when issues arise and emailing them is an obstacle especially that this is considered an emergency...i also sent them urgent messages and went further by contacting them on Facebook...why aren't any of them resolving this matter???...since this incident my friends are fearful of this website and have since deleted their accounts because they do not want their photos abused by whomever these hackers are...i am also blocked from the site and can not access it when i need to because i have another account that i desperately need to delete before Daavee and his parasites find this one as well and bully it...i don't understand how okcupid staff can block me from their dating website but not remove a user that is a possible threat to women....women have to be cautious on this dating website with this stalker on the prowl because they can be harmed by him and not know it...how can a dating website endanger the lives of women and justify this user's actions...thank you for your time and i hope you can help me resolve this dreadful issue...






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