Hewlitt Packard - Lousy Customer Service

Posted on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 at 8:21pm CST by 9524b89b

Product: HP HP209A

Company: Hewlitt Packard

Location: US

URL: http://hp.com/

Category: Other

I bought printer about a year ago. I was having trouble just printing black ink. I put in a new cartridge and having the same issue. It was printing as if you were looking at it thru the other side, very light. The color prints however were fine.

I called Customer service thinking my setting might be off because the online solutions are no help. They said my warranty was up and they wouldn't even help me with any solutions after going thru everything for 15mins, serial number,model, etc.... She wanted me to try the old cartridge. Needless, to say I hung up and do admit, I used foul language. Why do you buy product, have it less than a year, and you can't even ask for help?

I feel this is important because we should expect customer service every day... not just if we have a warranty.You should be able to get an answer about the product. I was not asking for anything to get fixed. I was asking how the settings should be.

I will never buy another product from them again...and if anyone else is in the market for computer/products, and you expect good customer service everyday, don't go to HP!! In my opinion, they stink!


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