Posted on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 at 5:21am CST by 182d9632

Company: BrickRed

Location: Noida, UP, IN


Category: Other

Without any reason my salary has been put on hold and manager was mentally harassing me he was always blackmailing on my salary and when i asked him he used a very bad language and told me i will hire someone else instead of u ..and he also sms me that ur salary is on hold and u will never get it at any cost Please help me i was in need of money. Inspite of calling the company's director so many times he has not cleared my salary.he asked us to cooperate when he was in financial crisis and promised he would give our salary but i took my relieving letter from this company,still he has not made my full and final settlement. He gave me a document also that the amount he has to give to clear my pending salary but no use. I keep calling him, I send him mails and messages, I also call reception but no one responds. I also went to him but he gives me some or the other reason but does not give me my salary that he had promised.I am very sad and hope if in India I can get justice and get my salary that is pending for so much hard work that I have done being in this company.


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