SFR - Problem with a transfer of line

Posted on Saturday, February 19th, 2011 at 11:31am CST by a839f11c

Company: SFR

Location: SFR Service client TSA 91121 57757 Metz Cedex 9
Fr, FR


Category: Other

I am very disappointed by the customer service performances.

During the beginning of December I undertook the process of a line transfer. Indeed the mobile phone line that I am currently using belongs to my father, and I wanted to become the owner of the line to be able to manage personally my account. The letter including the transfer form and all the requested documentaries evidence was posted during the beginning of December.

Two months later, I noticed that the transfer of the line has never been taken into account. The customer service only registered me as being the user of the line but my father is still the owner of the line.

I took the time to inquire about this mistake and I called the customer service. I was dreadfully welcomed and I was told to start over the whole process.


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