SpeedDate - SpeedDate refuses to delete account information

Posted on Friday, February 18th, 2011 at 5:25pm CST by 5f4fc48e

Product: www.SpeedDate.com

Company: SpeedDate

Location: US

URL: http://www.SpeedDate.com/

Category: Other

I had (have) a profile at SpeedDate.com

I requested that my membership be cancelled, and that all info concerning my account be deleted. (This is a common request for "personal / dating" websites).

SpeedDate has refused to delete my information.

I consider this refusal to be a failure in customer service. Maintaining my information serves THEIR purposes, not mine as a consumer.

I WARN YOU NOT TO SIGN UP AT SPEEDDATE.com. One day, you will want to withdraw from the site, and you will be unable to do so. I think that is user-unfriendly, and unnecessary.


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68457e07, 2011-04-01, 05:08AM CDT

Yep can't delete your account. People can still find you on there but you can "unsubscribe" so you dont receive any emails. But they still hold your info. Crooked marketing scam to get information.

ebb9caaf, 2011-10-19, 04:04PM CDT

I want to delete mine too and it wont let me! what should we do?? i cant find a number or anyone to get in contact with to do further actions either...

dccb936f, 2011-10-20, 05:54AM CDT

..yes and these crooks make it near impossible to change your subscription status.Unless you say so, the subscription is auto-renewed. But how do you do it? You write to them, they dont respond. In other words, they make it as difficult as possible for someone to de activate the auto renew feature. What crap, similar to porno sites!

KeithLeathers A., 2014-10-16, 05:13PM CDT

Speeddate.com is simply a bunch of extortionist, in my opinion. There site lets you create a profile, then you have to choose one of 3/4 option pay plans to get your profile activated.I've been on the internet looking for a companion, now in my third years. I quit and will never pay a dime for liars and cheats. If hundreds of replies are received directing you to use their site to contact them; don't! That's the signal to the hopeless, to go to their site; whereby you get slammed with a bill as well. Don't pay to get in and talk, text, or whatever; because I promise your going to have to pay for it. Common sense tells you your being mislead. These women hope to keep you coming to make more money. That's why they all lie, they won't give you an email, they expect you to text or communicate with them via some paid venue. Folks, these people live hundreds or thousands of mile from you; so face it, you'll never see them in person. Unless, you want to be a laughing stock throughout the World Wide Web (www). They post false pictures to attract you, to hook you; and never let go. Speeddate.com sells your personal/financial data to anyone who asks for it. Just look at they're Terms/Conditions, you'll find they claim anything you provide is up for grabs and you can't even cancel an account. Accounts are only deactivated, and you get to say nothing about it. Do you want your personal and financial data passed around to every one who asks? Identity theft will happen, it's just a question of when! There may be some good sites, but I never saw a single dating site that wasn't 80%+ bullcrap. Read the Terms and you'll see how utterly brazen they are. Remember, judges determine validity, based on Constitutional law and the Declaration of Independence. All the hype they spew forth is to make you feel you have no way out. This is robbery plane and simple. Say you join Speeddate.com and pay for a years subscription, but you find a person in the first month; do you really think you'll get them to prorate the ll months you have left? Hell no,they're simply going to reference their Terms and Agreement, trying to scare you from seeking legal advice. Complain to the FTC.gov and demand policy changes to these outrageous claims they think they can do without any regard for the Deceleration of Independence and the Constitution. They violate everyone's right to privacy, whether you provide it or not; especially when the customers no longer need or desire a particular service. In addition, respondents lie about where they are and post other peoples photo's. Lastly, they have no legal right to keep any personal or financial once the customer no longer desires the service; regardless of the reason. Send a compliant to FTC.gov often; pass on to your friends by text, Facebook, and so on. Here is the secret for testing people. Demand they respond to your private email with a photo of the person with say a sock on their head, a soda in their right hand, or a scarf around their left leg. Tell them Gmail is the only way you will communicate with men/women. You'll be surprised how many never respond again.If you get an email you believe is trustworthy, do the same steps as well. Everyone has a camera these days. Also, claim "I don't spend money on any second or third party sites. It's email or nothing to you finally met.

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