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Posted on Friday, February 18th, 2011 at 6:09am CST by 4f20358f

Product: Peak Jump Battery Starters

Company: RewardsByMail

Location: PO Box 147
DOUGLAS, AZ, 85608, US


Category: Business, Finances

Complaint Description:

I purchased 3 Peak Jump Battery Starters from PepBoys on with rebates for $10.00 each.

After waiting exactly 61 Days RebateByMail sent me a card stating that rebate was denied, and I have 10 days to send them the original

receipts and UPS Codes. I sent the originals in the first time, and only

have a copy of the original receipt and UPS codes. I have resent the 2

pages of copies. An additional 5 weeks have passed and they have not contacted me back.

Rebates are a SCAM and I am tired of all the Games they play, which is

deny, deny don't pay.

I want my $30 refund !


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1afb7052, 2011-03-10, 07:57PM CST

I also was scammed into buying junk that I dont need saying it is free when you sent in your rebate. then the card comes saying your rebate is not honnerd. I followed the instuctions then I get denied the rebate. I will be stealing something at pepboys to make up for my rebate!

5819ee56, 2011-07-30, 12:20PM CDT

I recently purchased items from PepBoys and they also failed to send me a small rebate of $4.00. Wow hope they don't break the bank and mess uo the defecit the US is in. I followed the request from Pepboys and the rebate form and it is denied! Pepboys please don't go bankrupt and Fram don't go bankrupt and please do not offer any rebates any more because you cannot honor the request!!!!

d843b2fe, 2011-08-02, 06:38PM CDT

I'm in the same boat as you, I sent all the information requested, but when I go to the website to check status, nothing shows up after 6 weeks! Fortunately they are only ripping me off for $9, but now I will know, and I will avoid the retailer who used them!

90971f28, 2011-09-11, 04:53PM CDT

I sent a Prestone Coolant UPC+Receipt+RebateForm at least 4 weeks ago, and it is not even showing up in their system/database.


54a0443a, 2011-11-18, 05:54AM CST

I sent in two rebates on spark plugs & oil filters ; haven't received the rebates yet!!!

5d1e74c1, 2012-01-18, 12:21PM CST

in the same situation as well. valvoline oil and filter rebate denied, I sent all info and even bottle safety ring and was denied said i had no return address. it was included also. someone out there is making alot of $$ on us

db92c037, 2012-02-08, 09:26AM CST

OMG the same thing happened to me. I purchased a popcorn cart as a Christmas gift for my sister. It was suppose to have a 60 rebate. I sent all the documents and now they say they don't have the UPC symbol and I Know I sent it. I have contacted them by email with no response. (go figure) I am so angry I am going to return the cart to JC Penneys

51b22279, 2012-02-13, 01:19PM CST

Evidently this is a problem for the Peak products. I received notification that I had not complied with thier required post mark date. What a bunch of B.S. Fortunately, there are other companies that are reputable. I will be doing all of my business with them from now on. No more Peak or AutoZone for me.

ba5689f5, 2012-05-22, 07:44AM CDT

I purchased 16 FRAM autolite spark plugs and expected $17 thru a check for $10 without explanation why i am missing $7. took 4 weeks to process. I am expecting an answer. Yes, rebates are a scam!!!

William S., 2012-10-26, 02:13PM CDT

Question - Recently I purchased three 750ML Old Charter. The card that the lady gave me at the ABC Store indicated that I can get $4.00 back for one 750ML bottle. I purchased three and the attendant at the ABC store said I would get $12.00 back. Your card indicates rebates up to $10.00 total, however at the bottom you give the limit of three rebates up the maximum of $30.00 total. I have one receipt for three 750ML's and I should get $12.00 for this but your card indicates only $10.00. How should I proceed. Please advise.

Lee W., 2013-06-17, 06:58PM CDT

We sent in the proof of purchase on two rebates offered #1150155503 and #1150038568 offered at Shopko on Anchor Hocking $5.00 rebates, and were denied saying we didn't send in the receipts. We did so, they are not honest and stealing what is ours.

ed163a7a, 2014-05-28, 07:56AM CDT

I purchased Castrol motor oil and Fram Extra Guard filter @ Orielly auto parts for a $10 rebate, mailed in all the required info UPC tag and original reciept along with the completed rebate form several weeks ago. I checked online for the rebate status @, they have no info. on me. hat a surpise!I think I've only gotten back about half of the rebates I've ever applied for,these rebate companies are thieves!!!

Joshua C., 2014-07-15, 02:53PM CDT

these guys are scam artist an thieves

Jeff, 2015-07-16, 07:21PM CDT

I posted this on BOSCH's facebook page.

I brought your BOSCH spark plugs because they offered a $2 rebate per plug. I had to go to 2 different stores to get them. Well, I sent in the rebate according to the instructions, but your fufillment company '' sent me a postcard that said your not giving me a rebate because I didn't give you a UPC from the box. I most certainly did! I know what a UPC looks like and there was only one on each box and I sent 5 of them them to you. JUDGING FROM ALL THE COMPLAINTS I see online, it looks like NOBODY gets their rebates from this company. I used to prefer Bosch parts.Oil filters, spark plugs and wires, O2 sensors,etc. But this measly $10 rebate has made me mad. Why rip people off and waste their time? I will think hard before picking BOSCH again. I hope my $10 lasts you awhile.

cadffe47, 2015-12-12, 11:08AM CST

I was wondering how a person would go about redeeming two rebates from two different liquor companies when there is only one original receipt? I didn't really think about it at the time.

b9536dee, 2016-01-14, 06:01PM CST

I sent in a rebate for Fleischmann's vodka. It was required to have the proper sales receipts along with the Fleischmann paperwork that was required. It was a rebate that if you bought 6 1.75 liters they would rebate 18.00 back to you. This is in reference to 1198727289. This is not the first time this has happened. There are many companies that sell and make Vodka so I will go another direction in the future.

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