IX Webhosting - Unfair change in terms of service

Posted on Thursday, February 17th, 2011 at 10:17am CST by c6e6db74

Product: Webhosting

Company: IX Webhosting

Location: 1774 Dividend Drive
Columbus, Oh, 43228, US

URL: http://ixwebhosting.com/

Category: Other

I have my webhosting with IX webhosting for 3 years with a Business Plus package that included free of charge two domains. On my yearly renewal on 2/18/11 for the webhosting and domains - I was informed that I would now have to pay for my domains and they were no longer included in the package. I only received renewal notices and i would be charged for the domains. I called to protest the unfair business practice and was told that they had the right to change the terms or service and payments whenever they wanted because I had agreed to the terms of service and that was part of it. Posted on their website is Free domains and makes no mention of how they will change the terms of service or that the free domains are for a limited time. I will be looking for a new webhosting company that is honest and forth-right with their policies and changes. The service (customer service and tech support) that they provided was bad and erroneous depending upon who you talked to. Email trouble tickets were also poorly handled if they got handled - most issues were not resolved within 24 hrs. One trouble ticket took 3 weeks to resolve only to find out it was a problem with one of their servers that they refused to admit or check for 3 weeks. If considering IX webhosting - look somewhere else.


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