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Posted on Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 at 3:43am CST by cf51235f

Product: [email protected] are reliable.

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Location: PH

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I`m so grateful to people with e-mail [email protected] This company located my employer, I passed some processing of documents and interview through Internet. My application turned out fine. [email protected] are reliable.


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b2f63415, 2011-05-17, 04:20AM CDT


i applied on this website too..and i want to know how sure i am that my application is legal?

i have so many negative comments regarding to this web site. i am afraid if i am one of the victims of scam and fraud.

please give me your pieces of advice..

thank you!

7a0bf276, 2011-05-31, 04:18AM CDT

I have also application in Ireland Dublin thru [email protected] as they are my job agent when I was in UAE.

They told me that my application in Altadore Nursing Home Dublin is on process and just wait my work permit from my employer but they said for the last minute that my employer back out to submit my application for work permit, so westjobs adviced is to apply me to get work permit and to pay 60 Euro. My question is: Why my employer backed out when applying for my work permit? they said this is due to expensive fee in Ireland, but no matter what, expensive or not expensive,the employer must be responsible it and I am going to work in their institution. I must not pay anything. So what do you think, please give me your opinion?

a0065332, 2011-06-08, 12:01PM CDT

i ,my name is Matthew Samson i am sure of office@best

b2f63415, 2011-06-11, 12:26PM CDT

are you a Filipino also?

899972bd, 2011-06-22, 12:52AM CDT

I share the feelings that I maybe a victim of a scum. At the last moment Britt Adams ([email protected]) told me to arrange the work permit because the emploiyer refused to pay. Accordingly, the fee was very high. I was advised to seek the assistance of Docproviders who will then do the needful. I have to pay 76.50 Euro for the document preparation and post mailing. Please let me know if this is a scum. Thank you very much.

bad14767, 2011-06-22, 10:18PM CDT

hi..may I know if you already get your work permit through [email protected]? hope to hear from you..thanks

b2f63415, 2011-06-23, 12:54AM CDT


im still dont know if this is fake...coz im still on process..the last update that i receive from them is the plane ticket issue...is this ur last update before the 76 euro payment?

thank u in advance.

899972bd, 2011-06-27, 07:15AM CDT

This is not true. Maybe you are one of them. I asked them regarding complaint regarding the work permit. They couldn't answer. Once you get into trap then you are a victim. that means it is a scum. They just close the case. You get it.

1d1c986e, 2011-06-29, 01:12AM CDT

After they cleared money, no response despite a lot of emails sent to them requesting them to give me my update regarding my application.

I need some one to give me some comments on how may we behavior.

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