Grand Canyon University - Misleading service.

Posted on Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 at 1:38pm CST by eb24dbf3

Product: Public Safety/Servant Leadership online school

Company: Grand Canyon University

Location: P.O. Box 52558 Phoenix, AZ 85072
Phoenix, AZ, 85072, US


Category: Other

In February 2010, I contacted Grand Canyon University about taking some classes using my Post 911 MGI Bill. I had told my Education Counselor (Christopher Quezada) that I could not afford to pay out of pocket for classes because my GI Bill only covers 80% of the costs. He told me that it doesn't matter the school would figure out away to pay for the costs. I then agreed to sign up for a full set of classes. About a month after I began the classes I recieved a bill in the mail showing what the costs would be including how much money I would have to pay out of pocket. It stated that I would owe apporximately $1,000.00. As soon as I reviewed the bill I contacted Christopher Quezada and informed him of the bill. I told him that I would have to drop the classes because I could not afford to pay out of pocket for the classes. Especially, for the amount of money these classes cost. He again told me not to worry about it that the school would cover the remaining costs of tuition. Today, a year later, I recieved a bill in the mail, stating that I owe Grand Canyon University $996.00. I called and spoke with their financial department and told them what I had been told by Christopher Quezada. He put me on hold and then came back on the phone and said that the only notes Christopher had put in the system was in regards to me asking to drop the classes. There was nothing in regards to what he had told me about the school covering the remaining costs of tuition. He said that Christopher no longer worked with the school so I would be responsible to pay the amount out of pocket. I do not know if they were aware that Christopher was telling students this but this should not be my fault if that is the case and I should not be responsible for the balance.


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