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Posted on Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 at 8:15am CST by 28cd92f1

Product: QT04842ANAN

Company: Generac Power Systems

Location: Generac Power Systems S45 W29290 Hwy. 59
Wakesha, WI, 53189, US


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I bought a Generac 48 KW generator in Oct 2009. I paid $13,000 for this generator. I purchased the generator from a dealer in the US (AP Electric) with the understanding that I was going to ship the Generator to Costa Rica where I am building a house. The dealer in the US told me there should be no issue with warraty coverage since Generac had dealers in Costa Rica. The warranty on this Generator is supposed to be 3 years so I am supposed to have warranty coverage until Oct of 2011. After about 25 hours of service, the engine of the generator has failed. My mechanic drained the fluids on the generator and we found that there is coolant in the oil which is a very bad sign. I called Generac who confirmed that my warranty is in fact valid. Generac referred me to a local dealer in Costa Rica who they said would perform the repairs on the generator. The dealer informed me that I my warranty coverage was not valid since I did not purchase the generator from them. They also informed me that they would charge me $5000 just to look at my generator to see what was wrong with it!!!!! I promptly called Generac who said they would look into the situation. After Generac looked into the situation, they changed their story about the warranty. Now I was told that if I had purchased the generator in Costa Rica, it would have been covered under the warranty. However, since I purchased the generator in the US and exported it to Costa Rica, it was no longer covered under the warranty. I have purchased a generator from Generac which is obviously defective since the engine failed after just 25 hours of use.

Due to the issues I described above, Generac is claiming they are not responsible for the warranty on their product.

If we in the US want to increase our exports, then in my opinion should not punish people who decide to export US



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28cd92f1, 2011-03-05, 08:18AM CST

I have more information on this issue. I had a generator repair technician check the engine on the generator to find the source of the problem. The engine on a Quietsource 48 Kw generator is a Ford V6 engine. This engine has 2 heads mounted on either side of the engine. The technician removed the valve covers on both sides and found that there was collant mixed in with the oil in this area. He then checked the heads themselves and found that they were warped due to overheatinhg. The spark plugs were also discolored due to overheating. He also found that the head gaskets themselves were compromised. He finally checked bolts holding the heads onto the engine block and found that they were not tightened down enough. It looks like the engine has a manufacturing defect. Since the bolts holding the heads to the engine block were not tightened sufficiently, the head gaskets failed and the engine self destructed after less than 25 hours of operation.

I have now reported all of this to Generac and am now working with someone in their claims department. So far, they have asked me for documents like maintenance records even though the engine was not run long enough to have any scheduled maintenance done. I have provided them with all the documentation they have requested and am still waiting. I have been waiting ever since I originally posted this complaint and the case is still not resolved. My generator has been out of service for over 1 month now. I am in fact very lucky that Costa Rica is part of the world's emerging markets. Since I have bought this Generator, the electrical infratsructure has improved tremandously and there are now very few power outages. So, the good news is that I really don't need the generator very much any more.

The bad news is that many of the American made products that I imported to make sure my power was reliable have now failed. Besides this generator, I have a Tripplite UPS that has also failed spectacularly. This is yet another story of an American made product that is not warranted outside of the US. This product failed for no aparent reason and almost ended up taking out all of my computers that were connected to it. Luckily, I had surge supressors connected down stream of the UPS or it would have taked out all of my computers. The UPS created the surge so large that it destroyed my surge suppressor and blew the fuses on all of my stereos. All of my equipment that was not connected to the UPS was totally fine. I would have been better off without ANY UPS at all.

I really don't blame Generac and Tripplite for their inferior products and poor customer service. I am afraid that they are just a reflection of a society that is very inward focused and does not understand what is happening in the rest of the world.

China is now built a huge soccer stadium and donated it to the people of of Costa Rica. Here is a link to an article about it:

China is now replacing the US as a major trading partner and ally of Costa Rica. I am afraid that China is doing this all over the world in emerging market countries. It's time for the companies in the US to wake up and deal with the fact that they are no longer the only players in the world market. I am afraid that US companies are going to have to treat the rest of the world as equals and not as inferior back waters (read 3rd world) in which they can do whatever they want.

28cd92f1, 2011-04-30, 08:47PM CDT

I have a final update on this compaint. Generac has been working with the local dealer in Costa Rica and is in the process or repairing this generator. It tok a long time, but it looks like the Generator is going to be fixed under warranty. The reason the process took so long is that Generac does not have a real international warranty policy. It seems they leave the issue of warranty coverage up to the local dealers in countries. My case was unusual since I bought the generator in the US and then exported it myself. Generac has stood good on their warranty and end up woringd through the process of how to do warranty claims and work internationally. While the generator repairs are not yet compete, I am quite happy and satified with the response of Generac to this problem.

22bfe2bf, 2011-06-11, 01:50PM CDT

Here we have a typical situation where an idiot does not want to pay the local dealer and buys an item overseas.

To save you know what: money.

So the local dealer who made no money on the sale is "expected" by the idiot to provide free service.

I guess that your endless whining finally got you something for nothing. That is how the world works.

A reasonable solution is for you to have returned the unit to the USA and had it serviced there. Oh, but that would have cost you money. Oh, that would have eaten all of your savings and more. Oh my, poor whiney baby.

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