Posted on Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 at 9:54am CST by 287c18a7

Company: SPRINT

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I had a complaint/thought for an article on Sprint. It seems that as

companies tighten the belt, they hit the consumers in ways that are very sneaky.

All Sprint customers who have been with the company a certain amount of

time, pay on time, etc....are classified as Sprint Premier.

Normal Sprint account holders are allowed to upgrade their phones every 22

months. Premier customers are 22 months on their lines as well, except one

line is upgradeable every 12 months.

Well, apparently everyone with sprint got a flyer.....touting the "NEW"

Sprint Premier taking effect April 1st 2011. They make you think your getting

something good......but in reality they are taking away benefits.

Now.....the Sprint Premier is broken into Gold....and Silver. You have to

have a "base" bill that is exorbitantly high...or 10 years with Sprint to

get Gold status and get the upgrade every year on your main line.

But....Silver....gets a phone upgrade every 22 months........LOL......which

is what they give anyway.

So really a lot of loyal Premier customers are getting ready to get the

shaft come 4-1-11.

I feel this is very deceptive of Sprint, and should be highlighted by news

organizations. I am hoping that this will cause an uproar among Sprint


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