OPEX Communications - refusal to refund

Posted on Monday, February 14th, 2011 at 7:07pm CST by 7f8a59b9

Product: Lond Distance telephone service

Company: OPEX Communications

Location: 707 Wilshire Blvd 12th Floor
Los Angeles, CA, 90017, US

URL: http://opexld.com/

Category: Other

In December I received my regular telephone bill from OPEX in the amount of $8.91. As I have done for many months, I went to my bank's Bill Pay program, entered 891, and told them to pay.

When I received my December bill on January 7, 2011, I learned that the bank had paid $891.00! It was my error, of course -- just a little thing like a decimal point. I immediately telephoned OPEX's customer service unit, explained the problem, and requested a refund. After a few minutes, Olga came back on line and said they would have to subtract the current bill. I agreed. She gave me a confirmation number, 6643929.

having received nothing from OPEX, on January 17 I faxed OPEX a follow up, requesting an immediate refund. I even gave them my bank info so they could EFT the funds.

Still no action. On February 7 I again telephoned them, talked to Olga. She did tell me that my request had been "submitted" on January 11. When I pressed her for a payment date, she said only that it would be sent "during the next billing cycle". She could not tell me when I could expect a check. I asked to speak to someone who could answer that question. "I cannot do that, sir, but if you give me a contact number (this is my telephone company telling me this) I will have someone contact you." I asked, "Will that be today?" She assured me, "Yes, you can expect a call today." It did not happen. Later that day I emailed them, recounting this history of runarounds, pointing out that they should have taken action without even a call from me. The mistake was obvious. It is gross bad faith.

Apart from a cause of action for unjust enrichment (the interest on that money), I do not know what I could do except get another long distance telephone company. That I have done.


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