hp - hp 1055 deskjet fails to yeild correct ink use

Posted on Monday, February 14th, 2011 at 12:27am CST by b74bcc2b

Product: hp deskjet 1055

Company: hp

Location: US

Category: Other

The HP I have sucks- its a printer, scan and copy unit- no fax no cable to hook it up- it's a desk jet 1055 and eats ink like no ones business.

Even the replacement cartridge called 61XL which I can't find anywhere- it was sent to me by HP after I sent a firm letter to them about this rip off - yet even the HEFTY 61XL black ink still only pumps out 300 to 350 pages, when its yield claims to be 480 pages and I'm not printing the library of congress...where the average 61 cartridge prints less than 77 pages....forget about it- with a claim of 190 yield , and i made all the adjustments that HP required, but keep to them selves so you go broke buying ink - until you wise up and complain or ask tech support.

So back it goes to TARGET before im stuck with it, and back to my still working OLD 5510 all in one printer- scan- fax- copier , and the ink for this printer in a duel pack is $61.00 at Target, one color and one black ink authentic HP ink, come in a box- yield is 500+ pages for the ink and it's right on the money - why did I change- I have no idea, guess I wanted new technology and cheaper ink - well it's true that the 61 HP ink is 13.99 and the color one is 19.99, but you'll spend half of your working life replacing the ink, it's not up to par. BAD DEAL- if you're looking - don't buy the 1055, its a big mistake and a rip off. I have contacted HP in the past and the problem persist- I am going to return this unit , for its deceiving and this raised an infurance of deception to get you to buy more ink, and HP is well aware of this issue and has taken no corrective measures to inform the public of the ink issue - one has to be an investigator and use due diligence to remedy the issue - yet there is no remedy the unit is not good and very expensive to use as opposed to other units by their competition or staying with older HP units that use ink correctly and meet the yield almost to the exact page count, this is a downturn economy after all and I view this is as ploy by HP to make more money off an inexpensive printer,that mind you has no fax capabilities that uses INK at an ALARMING RATE.


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