USPS Is Not Reliable

Posted on Monday, February 14th, 2011 at 9:39am CST by a65f538c

Product: United States Postal Services

Company: Not Available

Location: 1531 Highway 22
Howe, Id, 83244, US

Category: Other

My husband ordered some merchandise in July 2010. After a few months, the item still had not been delivered. He called the company, and they informed him that the package had been delivered on Aug. 21, 2010. I spoke to one of the women at the local post office. She said the package had been delivered. Knowing that the item was far too large to fit in the mailbox, I asked to where it was delivered. She claimed that the mail carrier left it sitting on the road next to the mailbox. We live in a very rural community of less than 300 people, dirt roads, lots of wide open country. It turns out that the day they claim to have delivered the package was a Saturday morning. The mail is delivered by 9:30am, our records show that we were home that morning. We are out feeding livestock in the morning and retrieve the mail by 10:00 am. Typically we are watching to see when the mail is delivered so we can go right out and get it. THERE WAS NO PACKAGE! The only person that drives by our mailbox, besides the mail carrier, is the gentleman who opens the landfill. He drives by just before 9:00am--before the mail is delivered. The response I got from the woman at the post office was, "It must have been stolen, sorry, it happens." Are you kidding me? In a community that small? The community is primarily LDS (mormon), and most farm or ranch. So, essentially she is saying that someone in our community is a theif or someone in the post office is a thief. Comforting thought! We have called the USPS consumer complaint numerous times without any change to the situation. After we called on many occassions and other residents called about similar mail problems, the USPS contends they have never had any complaints about the Howe, ID, post office. I smell a rat! I don't know what to do, and we can't get anyone from the postal service to listen or take action. The two women at this post office location have opened other people's mail, left the post office unattended and unlocked for personal business, and failed to deliver mail appropriately on many, many occassions. If the mail carrier did, indeed, set the package on the road, and it did allegedly get stolen, the USPS is at fault for not properly delivering the package. If they didn't actually deliver it, they should be held accountable and prosecuted. Unfortunately, I can't get anyone to address the complaint.


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