Freedom Group - poor customer service, theft of customer funds

Posted on Sunday, February 13th, 2011 at 7:14pm CST by f608d5cb

Product: debt relief agency

Company: Freedom Group

Location: 9265 Dowdy Drive, Suite 106
San Diego, de, 92126, US


Category: Other

Freedom Group entered into a contract with me in August of 2007 for the express purpose of helping me become debt free.

They deducted $800 per month from August of 2007 until I terminated my agreement with them in November of 2010.

With 5 payments in 2007, 12 each in 2008 and 2009 and 11 payments of $800 in 2010, the total I paid to Freedom Group was $32,000.

Freedom Group deducted $2400 in administrative fees, and $1260 in monthly fees.

They settled three account for a total of $14,621.

I paid two other creditors out of my own pocket, but Freedom Group (by their contract) had permission to deduct their 30% fee for settlement. The total of these fees was $3203.

As of December 1, 2010 when I terminated my agreement---I had paid in $32,000 and there should have only been $24,184 in payments and fees deducted.

As of !2.1.10 there should have been over $6000 in my "account" with Freedom Group.

I asked for my money back and was told I needed to wait 60 days for an audit to the account.

It has now been 75 days---I have received no check and no communication from this organization. They do not return calls, emails or fax communications. If you do call, there is never an appropriate person to speak to you.

My complaint is that I gave these people money and they owe me my money back.

If the money is gone, I need this organization closed down so that no one else falls victim to this type of situation again.


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