Monessen Holding Company LLC - Faulty Vermont Castings Gas Heater - parts can not be found

Posted on Sunday, February 13th, 2011 at 7:26pm CST by 27e83483

Product: Vermont Castings Ventless Gas Heater Model UVS27 Model #5159

Company: Monessen Holding Company LLC

Location: 149 Cleveland Drive
PARIS, KY, 40361, US


Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

We are owners of a Vermont Castings Ventless Gas Heater Model UVS27 Model #5159 - cast iron stove. We purchased and installed this gas heater in 2003 through an authorized dealer in Philadelphia.

We find ourselves with a cast iron stove that is apparently no longer operable because the gas valve for the unit (Honeywell VS8421 D2003) needs replacement and we are told is no longer manufactured or kept in inventory. We have spoken to many authorized dealers, manufacturers and have been told the part is no longer available. We have been to the website of Monessen Holding Company, parent company and have sent correspondence via email and to CEO Dave Barrett reporting our problem.

We have consistently maintained the unit and as recently as 2009 replaced the pilot light assembly and thermocouple. Problems persisted with the unit as it would intermittently shut down and start back up, and now finally the gas supply shuts off every time the gas valve knob is turned to ??ON?? from the lit pilot position. It has been determined by 2 authorized repair personnel that the gas valve needs replacement. We have searched the internet, called dealers, Monessen Inc.and the manufacturer of the valve.

We have requested service and paid for service twice to only be told we need a replacement part that is "no longer available".

This cast-iron VC unit is less than ten years old and have been told only only option is to "replace the entire cast-iron stove". Essentially toss it in a landfill.

How can this be possible... there is insufficient inventory of replacement parts to maintain a relatively new heater despite the fact this heater has been discontinued? This is an unsustainable product and poor customer support.

Ironically Monessen promotes its company as "environmentally conscious" .... when selecting the products and services we choose to buy and use. At Monessen, we??ve built green thinking into the products we manufacture without compromising our outstanding design or leading-edge technology.

We have not heard back from Monessen Holding Company as of 2.13.11


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6f41ccf2, 2011-08-27, 08:39PM CDT

a9c148d5, 2011-12-16, 08:25AM CST

i have the same problem, only our stove was purchased in williamsburg in 2001. i have found the valve in a few places, but it is very very costly, between $200 and $450 online.

it is frustrating to have bought what we thought was a high-quality product, only to discover that parts are not available. a typical example of our throw-away society!

532bb042, 2011-12-18, 12:33PM CST

If the stove is an LP one and is the only LP appliance being used, the LP gas is first going through a pressure reducer valve outside the house. It is possible there is not enough pressure or volume coming past the pressure reducing valve or the main valve on the tank is faulty or shut off. Check the pressure and volume of gas at the appliance. When I had my tank filled the Majestic fireplace with the Honeywell valve would not light but the pilot would but when turn to ON it would not light and pilot wold go out. Propane dealer had shut off the main valve at the tank.

24e6f7be, 2012-11-14, 07:55AM CST

i am in the same boat i just purchased a pilot assembly and now it appears to be the honeywell gas valve.please help i need to heat my house this winter

ted e., 2013-01-01, 01:19PM CST

I have the same problem. The pilot wont stay lit. I have replace the thermocouple and it still wont stay lit. I have had other problems with this unit---radiant---from Vermont Castings and they say each time replace it. Unbeleivable.

32ff1ac5, 2013-01-23, 06:06PM CST

We have the dame problem with the same valve - the Honeywell VS8421D 2003 - in a Vermont Casting vent free fireplace. The gas shuts off after the knob is turned from "Pilot" to "On."

Update: This unit uses an Oxygen Depletion Sensor. I saw another post on a DYI forum re: how to clean an Oxygen Depletion Sensor with compressed air. I used the canned compressed air commonly used for cleaning computer parts. After cleaning the sensor, the valve works fine.

Selena V., 2013-09-26, 03:51PM CDT

The valve that you need is still available. Visit to get it. I ordered mine and had it within a few days, Its a really easy site to use

eca81dcf, 2016-01-05, 10:59AM CST

Does anyone know if these valves are still available? I have not been able to find one anywhere.

8f6abaa0, 2016-01-30, 02:42PM CST

I have one available for sale on Craig's List. You will find the listing and contact info here:

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