American Express LIES

Posted on Sunday, February 13th, 2011 at 7:45am CST by 04a45159

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My husband had an American Express card for years. He also paid for insurance on the card that he thought would make the monthly payments should anything ever happen to prevent him from making them.

My husband also had me listed as an administrator on his account because he travels and I pay all of the bills.

Three years ago, after a dispute with one of American Express, someone there took my name off as administrator.

Two years ago my husband lost his income due to an illness and suddenly found out that the insurance that he paid for, for so many years only covered a VERY SMALL portion of the monthly payment and he was behind on the account.

American Exress turned his account over to a very nasty collection agency. I tried to speak with a woman at the collection agency several times, but she was always very nasty and unreasonable. I sent her and her collection agency a "cease and desist" letter.

That got a call from American Express. I spoke with a woman and told her that we would "try" to pay $25 a month.

Several months went by and my husband suddenly received a letter stating that "HE" agreed to pay $25 a month.

I called American Express and told the gentleman that I spoke with, that no such agreement was made. There was never a promise to pay a certain amount. He checked and found that no record of any agreement was on file.

I continued (fortunately) to send them $25 a month.

A week ago, my husband received a letter stating that "HE" spoke with them on January 28th and made an agreement to pay $50 a month. That was an outright LIE.

He called the same woman up that I had spoken to, two years ago and told her that he never spoke to her EVER. She tried to tell him that she called our "house" and spoke with him. He then told her that he was in Chicago, IL., on the 28th. We live in NY.

It was during that conversation that he told her that American Express took my name off of his account as administrator. The woman tried to tell him that I was never on his account and my husband told her that was BS!

The end result was, the woman said the letter was sent in "error". It's funny how this is the SECOND error of this kind has occurred. She also told him that my name would also be put back on as administrator. We'll soon find out if she told the truth about that and how long I stay on his account.

The truth is, American Express made a lame attempt to get more money from my husband and it failed.

To cover their behinds they have to say the letter was sent in error or they would be in a lot of trouble.

American Express can say anything they want, but the truth is they can't be trusted.

I might also add that another tactic that American Express uses to collect their money is that if you pay your account in full, they will reopen it. I don't believe that for one second. There is NO guaranty that will happen.

Don't be fooled by American Express.

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04a45159, 2011-02-15, 05:01AM CST

This is an update 2/15/11 to this complaint. Yesterday I received another letter from American Express stating that my husband confirmed an agreement to pay $25 a month. Once again no agreement on a specific amount was made.

The really interesting part of the letter said that a $25 payment was due on 2/28. I just sent American Express a payment for February.

They are sneakily trying to get the $50 a month payment that they said that my husband agreed to in their fist letter.

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