Trouble with buying from South East Woodworking Supplies, Slack Creek

Posted on Saturday, February 12th, 2011 at 10:07pm CST by 84633819

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Location: AU

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I purchased a Woodfast Lathe C1000 in June 2010 from S.E. Woodworking Supplies. Lathe assembled when I picked it up, good I thought, got it home and the hinge that holds the safety door was broken, contacted seller, sure I will order you one. Several weeks and phone calls later, can't get them, sends me a bronze hinge that even a engineer could not fix. Ok, paid to get it fixed myself. October, the tool rest tightening grub screw housing chips, and we get a loan of one from seller until it could be fixed. Still waiting. Come November the shaft snaps off the motor, ah! here we go a job for the manufacturer warranty, took the motor in, seller took photos said he will contact manufacturer, December still no word. Seller said we would have to buy a motor because in his words 'we over tighten every thing on the machine and that is why is broke and manufacturer no going to pay for it', so we did ,just to get the lathe back. Contacted Woodfast South Australia, very good to deal with, stepped in to help.Woodfast received a final reply from manufacturer from China, January 2011 'due to fact our dealings had been badly handled by S.E. Woodworking Supplies, their suggested we send the lathe to S.A for them to check it out to see if it could be fixed and for us to just pay cost price for repairs plus shipping and handling'. We paid over $2,000 for a lathe that did not even have a serial number. Mother Nature stepped in and the lathe was in the 2011 flood in Ipswich when our house went under, final reply, claim it on your insurance. Dealing with South East Woodworking Supplies, Slack Creek in my opinion is DON'T TRUST THEM. DON'T EXPECT ANY AFTER SALE SERVICE or to be spoken to in a civil manner. You may as well use the warranty for toilet paper and if you want to buy a lemon, woodfast is the way to go.


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