TruGreen - Beware of TRUGREEN Cancellation

Posted on Saturday, February 12th, 2011 at 5:00am CST by 5ed23931

Product: TruGreen/CHEMLAWN

Company: TruGreen

Location: 4615 Southpark blvd
Ellenwood, GA, 30294, US

Category: Other

I'm so disappoited with the way TruGreen service. Last year 2010, I had TruGreen do service for my Lawn for the whole year. At the end of the year I did talk to the customer service to cancel my service. The guy said ok. Than he handed the phone off. I thought it's all done.

This year, Feb, 2011 the service man came and knock the door to do the lawn service. I told them, I did cancel already. So, they pack it up and left without do anything.

About couple day after, I recieved a bill to charge for service, which is already cancelled.

I call in to tell them it was a mistake. You guys need to take it off the bill. The guy told me, my supervisor will call you. I wait for the next three day, no body call. I call in again. This time I talk to a lady name's Molisa. She told me, I will send the message to the technician, whom came to do your service. It's ok. I wait for two more days. Than nobody call me again. I call in again. This time I talk to the guy. I told him, I need to take care of this today, because, this is the mistake and I don't want to have any problem later on. He told me, if you don't want problem, go ahead send the bill in. I asked hime - what????. Than he told me, I will call you back. The next two days, never had any call. I call back back again, talked to Molisa. The lady I had been talked befor. She said, Oh..... nobody call you yet. Let I send him a message again. I ask them - can I talk to the supervisor. They don't let me talk to the supervisor.

I still don't understand, now aday, people still running this kind of business around. I don't think they will last long to do what they are doing.

Hopefully no body else have this kind of crab in your life.



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5ed23931, 2011-02-14, 02:21PM CST

Today 02-24-11

I call in again to find out where I'm at. I talk to the guy name's Loyd, he said

"oh, nobody call you yet?"

Yes, nobody call.


He let me listen to the long advertise. Than he said

"The tech should call you back".

This is the 7 times I had heard this for the last two weeks.

I ask him, can I talk to the supervisor.

He said

"Ok, hold on"

He put me on hold again with a long advertisement.

He came back, " Oh, he just left. He will call you back".

I said - Ok

turn phone off.

about one hour later, I call back and talk to Loyd - the same guy again.

try to talk to the supervisor name Jerry.

the same thing, he put me on hold, than on hold, than finally he said, he not here. He will call you back.

This is the kind of business you deal with.

I will call them again tomorrow.

Is any idea out there, so I can tell them to clear the mistake that they make and clear the bill that they send to me.


5ed23931, 2011-02-17, 03:07PM CST


I called in two more time to talk to Jerry, whom is manager. Hel told me, he will call the technican to find you. And will call me back.

I wait for two more day, which is today. He still not call yet. So I call him again, and talk to him. Try to bring him back where we at.

Found out, he did talk to the tech. The tech told him that, they did all the service, Which was not.

I told Jerry, he did not do anything yet. I stop him before he started. And the service been cancelled from last year. He still go back and for that the service had been done. He said the tech didn't remember.

I told him, I knewn it, that why I try to call you for than 8 times in two weeks. Thought about he could forget.

Finally, He said, he will tell the tech call me again.

but the problem still can not show yet.

I wait for the tech to call me now.

5bab63c9, 2011-06-09, 08:07PM CDT

If you are Looking for someone to apply product to you yard on a regular basis, TruGreen is your company. It may be just before it starts to downpour or it may be in the middle of a drought, but they will get the product on your lawn on a regular basis and get you billed for it.

As a disclaimer to this statement, the product may not kill any weeds or help your lawn grow in any way. As a fact, it may thin out your lawn from over application due to the product not working, but they will get the product on your lawn on a regular basis and get you billed.

I had a beautiful Bermuda lawn and turned it over to TruGreen because of a Road Warrior work schedule. After listening to their excuses for a couple of years I slowed down long enough to realize what they were doing. After firing them last month, I'm now putting out sod; putting out topsoil where the grass thinned out and the topsoil completely washed away and over-seeding large areas that are thinning. Most of my backyard and one of my side-yards is about 50% coverage in grass. My front-yard had started thinning in one large area and another area was being taken over by spotted spurge.

After firing them, I hit their cutomer loss list and got a call from a "Corporate Manager", who was going to personally monitor my account if I would give them another chance. I told him they were still fired, but I would speak to the Area Manager and if his recovery plan was good enough, I'd think about it. Corporate Manager was to send me an email with all of his contact information - never got it. Area Manager was to contact me and set up an appointment - never got the call. I did get a form letter with a computer generated signature from the Regional Manager asking me to call them back.

If you just want some kind of product applied to your lawn and get billed on a regular basis, TruGreen is your company.

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