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Posted on Friday, February 11th, 2011 at 1:32am CST by b12c8677

Product: Customer service

Company: Sprint Pcs

Location: 6200 Sprint Parkway

URL: http://www.sprintpcs.com/

Category: Telecommunications

I have had since Sprint since 2002 and after dealing with a billing issue had not had to deal wit their customer service since 2003. That is was when I got my old phone. It was time for a new phone. After arguing with thier customer support online and not getting anyhwere and looking at other companies, I finally had to deal wth devil. I went in to get a new phone. They gave me for free after a rebate.

My fisrt bill seemed a little high, My second bill was well over one hundred dollars. Do I wnt to their store to find out what they were doing to my account.They Printe dit out. When they swithced my phone they made me sign a 2 year agreement. This was told to me at the very last second. When Sprint Pcs swithced my phone they didn't tell me that they were going to start charging me for me incoming calls. This fact was also with held rom me on my new bills. There was no disclosure of this to me.

I have complained to the BBB about this their corporate offices about this. To The Missouri Attorney Generals Office, the Federal Trade Commission and The Federal Commucations Commission about Sprint. This may have have violted my states Retail Merchandising Act, which is a Class D felony up to four years in prison.We have of fraud deception and trickery coupled with the fact that they money for this was taken out of my ank account electronically they could be charged under Federal Wire Fraud Charges. The penalty for this is up to 20 years imprisonment. The case has been referred to the Postal Inpector's and will be referred to the United States Attorney's Office for possibleriminal investiagtion.


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