Sears Canada (supplied by Samsung) - Kenmore undercupboard mount microwave

Posted on Friday, February 11th, 2011 at 7:42am CST by b1293214

Product: Kenmore 85619

Company: Sears Canada (supplied by Samsung)

Location: CA


Category: Other

Sears Canada will not allow customers to file complaints about their products, nor to inquire why the company is selling expensive products that last just beyond the warranty date. In fact, the staff on the customer complaints phone line find it appropriate to yell at customers and hang up on them. This $500 microwave lasted just over a year (15 months). For a few days it kept stopping then lighting up again hours later and now there is no display and no power. It is not the electrical outlet. I've checked. I called Sears and was told it will cost $100 just to have someone look at the appliance to tell me what is wrong. After that, the time and parts will be added to the bill. I asked to speak to customer service. On the phone, I calmly and repeatedly asked for information so I could write a letter of complaint and was completely stonewalled "there is no one to complain to" They would not even give me the Samsung information. The woman on the phone began yelling at me. Yes, this was Sears Canada customer complaints service. Then she hung up on me.


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