Amerisave - Absolutely a joke of a company, horrible!!!!!

Posted on Friday, February 11th, 2011 at 1:26pm CST by 8ce076a9

Product: Amerisave

Company: Amerisave

Location: US


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Unbelievable joke of a company. I went against better judgement from read complaints against Amerisave and was pulled in with the lure of low advertised rates. Andrew Rochester started my loan process, all seemed to be well until the appraisal value came back much higher than expected which of course changed the value of my loan to a better interest rate than expected. He failed, however, to update this information. Therefore, when I tried to lock my loan with a great rate and money back I was unable to do so as the rate was still registered with the incorrect information. I couldn't get in touch with him by phone of course so I emailed him, he said the info was correctly updated yet it was not. By the time he updated the info, rates had worsened and even with all the timed documention I had from emails to and from him they were unwilling to take blame or do anything about it. Meanwhile, through this whole process rates have worsened and worsened (partly my fault for trying to wait it out). To make things worse...Darla Castillo informed me that I had until Feb 14th to lock before my appraisal expired. She felt it unnecessary to include that the loan needed to be closed before the apprasial expired! So now I am out another appraisal fee not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars I am out from Andrews initial screw up. My not waste your time or money with this company, it was a nightmare from the start for me.


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