Oak Creek Homes - Unsatisfactory House

Posted on Thursday, February 10th, 2011 at 12:36pm CST by 387127c8

Product: Oak Creek Mobile Home/ Oak Manor

Company: Oak Creek Homes

Location: 11306 E. Admiral Place Tulsa, Ok 74116
Tulsa, OK, 74116, US

URL: http://www.oakcreekhomes.com/

Category: Other

We purchased our home in 2009 from the Oak Creek Homes Tulsa lot. We were very impressed with the homes we looked at on the lot. Also we have good friends that own an Oak Creek home and they are very happy with this house. Upon receipt of this home we had many troubles with the house. Some things have been dealt with by Oak Creek. The reason it has taken so long to file this complaint is because Oak Creek would come out and take care of one issue and the next week another one would occur. This has gone on and on until now. Oak Creek did come out and fix most cosmetic issues but there are still some ligering structural problems that need to be dealt with and they are refusing to do anything to make this right. We are at the point now that we have been fighting with Oak Creek for almost 2 years and we have also been dealing with troubles on this house as long now we are wanting Oak Creek to take this house back. Upon receipt of this house we invited the guy who sold the house to us to come out and have a look at the quality home that we were given and still Oak Creek was hesitant to cooperate with us. The salesman told us he was in shock of our house. If this is true and Oak Creek does put out as good quality of homes as they claim then there should be no issue helping us get that. All we want is to live in the quality home we were shown on their lot and receive the customer service we were promised upon purchase of this house.


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