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I was appalled with the service I received when I selected AVAS flowers to send a simple arrangement to my mother on her birthday, she resides in VA and I- Alabama. I ordered for guaranteed delivery of 01-22-11.They EMAILED ME at 6:37 the evening of 01-22-11 stating the item I ordered was not available AFTER they had already charged my acct. I called Monday and was promised a replacement delivery Tuesday - I called after sending 3 emails w/ no response. No flowers came Tuesday - Big surprise huh? So I called AGAIN Wednesday, and was immediately transferred to what later was explained was a "supervisor" He stated he needed to "investigate" and call me back in an hour, he was very condescending and rude I requested a refund multiple times and he refused, as did everyone else I talked to....4 hours passed...I called AGAIN and spoke to "Renee" and was promise again a call back after the delivery driver was called...Same thing the "supervisor" told me earlier..I have YET to get a call back, a email OR A REFUND. and that was 01-24, the date of my first call.



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c9bd25d6, 2011-05-11, 05:57PM CDT

On Thursday, May 5, 2011 I placed an on-line order with Avas Flowers for a Telefloras Plant and Fruit Basket (item # TF 157-2) as a Mothers day gift to be delivered to my mother in Hawaii on Sunday, May 8th for Mothers Day. My mom did receive the delivery however the online advertisement for this arrangement and what was actually delivered to my mom was not the same.

The web advertisement picture from Avas Flowers had a plant w/various multi fruit and appox size to be 20w x 11h.

The actual product delivered to my mom was approx 12w x 7h. It had 2 apples, 3 oranges, a small box of chocolates, crackers and 1 piece of strawberry (really 1 piece of strawberry). There was no plant or flower arrangement (as advertised) what so ever and the entire arrangement looked like an 8 yrs old could have put it together in the kitchen for less than $20.

Since this was supposed to be a Mothers Day gift, I am appalled, cheated, embarrassed and in sadness that my dear mom got this poor arrangement.

770e74a4, 2011-10-11, 01:22PM CDT

Seems like the MO of Avas Flowers is the same for everyone who has lodged a complaint about them online. In my case, the arrangement I ordered was never delivered, but the amount was charged on my card. Since when does any reputable business charge you for service they did not provide? They seem loathe to give you refunds but will, instead, keep telling you over and over again that they will check on the problem, with the local vendor, with your account... and then they will lie to you in saying that delivery was attempted but no one was home.

I made contact with them through their online customer service, which I highly recommend to those who are having problems with them. You can save a copy of your conversation with them so that they can't lie to you as they often will. You can count on that.

102e1601, 2012-01-05, 10:19AM CST

My Complaint : I have never dealt with a company like this. The flowers delivered were nowhere near what I ordered nor anywhere near "like kind". I ordered the premium as well. I was completely and totally embarassed that my friends had received these. I could have put this arrangement together myself for twenty bucks- basically a foot tall palm sticking out 2 cyclamin plants. Ava's should be ashamed of themselves.

Avas said they could not refund - they could only go pick them up and redeliver - do grieving people need to experience this or any more negativity? - I don't think so. The receivers had enough class not to complain about the flowers - when I saw the picture I was mortified and of course said nothing to them - only to Ava's. Nope- no refund - we'll go out and get them and give them something new - Don't deal with these people - wish I had read these complaints first!!

Update - they went out to the recipient even though I aksed them not to - took back the lflowers from the confused recipient and gave them new ones - per the web site NOW I am supposed to be refunded - NOPE- no replys from Avas - going to my credit card company now.

Stay awa form this compnay - google Avas complaints to read all the complaints.

8b749f4d, 2013-01-31, 08:53AM CST

No Flowers, No Response

On Monday morning, I ordered a Funeral Basket from Avas Flowers for my daughter?s grandfather who passed away the previous week. Because the service was to be held Tuesday afternoon, I was charged an additional $9.99 for an 11 AM express delivery. At 2 PM, I checked the delivery status online and it said that my order was being processed for delivery. I then called Avas customer service (spoke to a (Christy or Kelsey) and was told that the delivery would be made by 4 PM. At 6 PM, my daughter texted me to say that the flowers had not arrived. I then spent the next 3 hours trying to contact an Avas customer service person to find out what happened? every time I would get an actual person on the line, the call would disconnect.

When I checked the delivery status this morning, their website states that my order has been sent out for redelivery. There was never any first attempt to deliver, and at this point, unless they can deliver to Heaven, any future attempt to deliver is pointless. I have since called and emailed them in an attempt to resolve this but have not received any response.

At this point, I just want my money back! Avas can make easy by just refunding me the money, but my bank assured me that they would make it happen if needed.

Nothing can be done to make up for the embarrassment Avas Flowers caused me and my daughter. All I can do is advise anyone considering using this company to stay away. They are not reputable company? they?ll take your money, not deliver what you ordered, and you?ll never hear from them again. THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO IS JUST STAY AWAY!!!

b684b875, 2013-02-15, 06:18PM CST

Same here. No delivery. I paid extra to have them delivered on valentines day. Lots of run arounds no call back's. These guys are a scam. Stay away. Call your credit card company and cancel the purchase. You won't get a refund.

9f802d7f, 2013-03-06, 06:04PM CST

I wish I had read these complaints before ordering from this company. I have the exact same complaint. It seems this company is theives. I ordered a nice arrangement for a grieving family and they delivered something not even close to what I ordered, and probably half the value as well. After calling them they said they are free to substitute based off of their selection. This is laughable right! If you order apples, you don't want cucumbers, seriously! I had to call them the next day and they said they'd deliver the proper arrangement to the family. Well, they showed up to this poor grieving family saying they were there to replace a dead plant. This confused family let them come in to find what they were looking for, nope no dead plants. So they took a plant that was given to them by someone else that was a smaller version of the new replacement plant they brought, which again was nothing like the arrangement I had ordered. So, they actually took a plant from this family! If I had known it was their intention to take back a plant I never wouldn've sent them back. You don't take a plant back from a grieving family! I am mortified!

143f4d8a, 2013-03-12, 01:24PM CDT

I should have looked for comments before using this company.

I needed to order an arrangement for a funeral out of state.

Avas Flowers appeared as an option online and they looked good, so I gave them a shot.

Becuase the occasion was time sensitive (can't have flowers arrive late for an event), I called as I placed my online order. I was assured the arrangement would arrive in time for the visitation.

My sister attended the wake and could not find the flowers.

I called back and was assured "the flowers are on the truck now - they will be there in 30 minutes".

They did not arrive.

I called back with directions to change delivery to the church in the morning for the funeral service. I asked for someone to call me to confirm the change. No one did.

The flowers never arrived and no one ever contacted me.

I made multiple phone calls and send multiple emails. No one ever responded.

I am calling the company to refund my money.


Deb R., 2013-11-26, 01:17PM CST

Worst ever...Receipt and invoice state delivery was for 11/19 for a new baby, delivery was at a hospital, called that same day and they told me they were out for delivery. Next day no confirmation and site said out for redelivery. Emailed no response, two days later I called again told them to cancel as she had left the hospital. They asked for her home address and I didn't have it...so I asked them for the local delivery florist so I could speak with them. They gave me the wrong number and so I called my niece asked for her home address and called them back. This was my 4th call and 3 days after the original delivery date. The guy promised they would be there Friday morning and not to worry...NO DELIVERY! Today 8 days later, 4 emails no response and 6 phone calls they never made the DELIVERY! How hard could this be...unbelievable! Will just contact my credit card company for refund as they cannot be trusted and need to be put out of BUSINESS NOW! SPREAD THE WORD!

ray w., 2014-04-07, 07:18PM CDT

Didn't have what was paid for delivered late , then said would send a fruit basket then called back and tried to claim was delivered on time. was told tulips and then said no we did send what was ordered. worst service ever and to tell someone after being two days late it was on time. Avas Flowers don't ever use.

4358a51e, 2014-07-28, 08:19PM CDT

I make a BIG mistake and used them for my father's funeral. I was unable to attend as I was helping with my terminally ill brother-in-law. I was assured they would be delivered to the funeral home that evening for the visitation on 7/17/14. They asked if I wanted a picture of the flowers they would be sending & it was the photo from the ad. I sent an email requesting confirmation which was never answered.

The flowers never arrived. They weren't at the funeral home or the church. My family said the flowers never arrived & the funeral home was personal friends of our family's and also stated they never arrived. When I called the recording stated they were scheduled for re-delivery - to where? The gravesite? My father had been buried for over a week.

I have requested a refund and asked to speak to a manager. I was told I would get a call back in 1/2 hour. I called at 1 hour and was told it would be about another hour. I called 2 hours later & was told that the manager is in and out but I would have a call by the end of the day. It's now the end of the day & guess what? No call.

I used this company as they claim to be and use floral designers in the local markets and have been the (albeit self-proclaimed) leader in the industry for over 30 years.

I & my sibling are the children of our father's 1st marriage and now our reputations and credibility with the newer family as well as my father's associates is impugned, not to mention that the sheer heartbreak of wishing to pay final respects to my father upon his death means absolutely nothing to them.

I plan to blog everywhere, facebook everywhere, contact BBB's everywhere and see about having this company investigated; I will send notes to Departments of Commerce, television stations and whatever I can possibly do to show what a disreputable company this is and expose their deceptive practices.

35f7bfdc, 2015-05-15, 07:18PM CDT

On Thursday May 7th, I Googled : Brookings Oregon Florists, and Avas Flowers is the first to pop up in the search engine. It Says Best Brookings,OR same day flower delivery! Says Free Delivery on All Orders. I found a set of flowers I thought looked good and finished the order. It showed $64.00 due I completed the order. On Thursday May 7th I got an e-mail stating Unfortunately we are unable to deliver your order for today. We will deliver the arrangements as soon as possible with an upgrade for the inconvenience. And 15% off next order this was around 5:52pm. I called Avas Flowers on Friday May 8th and was told that the flowers were not going to be delivered until Monday May 11th. I tried to cancel the order but they would not let me. Stated that in the Terms and Conditions that there were no cancellation or refunds for the Mothers Day holiday. That it states I had to order 4 days in advance to get the flowers by mothers day due to high demand. On Monday May 11th I got yet another e-mail late in the day stating the same thing. Unable to deliver that it would be Wednesday May 13th so 7 days after I ordered Same Day Delivery my mom got the flowers. 3 days after Mothers Day. The flowers are not what I ordered somehow I got charged $76.93 instead of the $64.00. The flowers were wilted and almost all Daisies. No upgrade obviously plus sub standard flowers. Still no resolution with the company. I have called more than once and still no refund. They think giving me a $25.00 credit off my next purchase is making this right. I will never use this company again so the credit is useless.

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