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Posted on Friday, December 9th, 2011 at 8:02am CST by f6ec44ca

Product: Jobs Abroad

Company: Not Available

Location: [email protected]

URL: http://work-documents-translations.com/paperworktsbs8.html

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Hi,my name is Venus and I am from Lebanon.This company prepared my documents for applaying a job abroad very professionally, at reasonable cost and only for 2 days! I`m pleased with their documents preparation services you may contact them at: E-mail: [email protected] or website http://work-documents-translations.com/paperworktsbs8.html


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5e982096, 2012-01-17, 08:54PM CST

Hi,im rowell from Philippines how can i asure that i woudn't be scam coz someone email me that your agency is not existing.

Thank you.

e289b64c, 2012-01-23, 04:00AM CST

yup how can we assure that this is not an scum?? there rushing us to get the requirements for what??is there any employer like that?? i mean they need worker but they are rushing and have a target date,if cant comply u are disqualified.

it doesnt make sense for me... maybe this is a scum

e289b64c, 2012-01-23, 04:04AM CST

this is rendo from philippines also.yes i agree how can be sure that this is not a scum..since there rushing.i cant get the point.please let me understand

508a8562, 2012-02-09, 09:41PM CST

Hi! my name is rosalinda, how can I be sure that this is true? that this website is a reliable source to be contacted and the'll gonna help me to prepare my documents to work in Ireland? Please answer me immedietly now. Thank You!

0e6e3543, 2012-03-06, 05:56AM CST

hi [email protected]

said you can help me how can i get this regional labor number,covering letter,eu format cv,work permit application? pls help me...

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