Goodyear Tire Store - failure to give promised rebate

Posted on Friday, December 9th, 2011 at 8:44pm CST by 44593e95

Product: Goodyear tires

Company: Goodyear Tire Store

Location: 4130 Dowlen Road

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

On Wednesday, November 16, I called the Goodyear store on Dowlen Road in Beaumont and priced a set of 4 Goodyear tires: Goodyear Eagle LS2, size P275/55R20.

I spoke with Danny [didn't get his last name] and he said he had 2 in stock and would order 2 more and they would be in by Saturday. He quoted me a total price for all 4.

He then said there was a rebate available from Goodyear, $40 per tire, for a total of $160. He said I would have to apply for a Goodyear credit card to get the rebate, and I said that was not a problem.

He ABSOLUTELY knew which tires I planned to buy, because he had looked them up in his inventory and said he would have to order 2 more.

I arrived at the Goodyear store on Saturday morning, November 19,at 8:00 a.m. and spoke to Joe Elliot, the store manager. I explained why I was there, and he indicated he was expecting me because Danny had told him about our telephone conversation on Wednesday and he [Joe Elliot} had personally ordered the two additional tires. He put my name in the computer to begin the process and took my ignition key.

A technician drove my truck to a work bay, raised it, and began taking my tires off.

At this point I had not brought up anything about cost because I had a specific quote and an expectation of a rebate. Acting on that expectation, I brought the subject up with the manager Joe Elliot. I thought if I needed to apply for a Goodyear credit card, I might as well complete that process while I was waiting.

Mr. Elliott told me that the rebate did not apply to that particular Goodyear tire. I pointed out a brochure on the counter that lists a large number of Goodyear tires with the rebate, including Eagle tires. He said it did not apply to that particular Eagle. The brochure has several lines of fine print listing the tires with the rebate, including Eagle tires, and in my opinion it is purposely misleading.

I pointed out that I had been specifically told by Danny, over the telephone, that I would get a rebate, and [as I pointed out above], he knew EXACTLY which tire I was buying.

At this point my old tires had already been taken off my rims and the new ones were being installed.

I feel that I am the victim of the equivalent of a bait and switch tactic, having been told explicitly over the phone that I would receive a $160 rebate, and then, after work had begun on my truck, being told that I was not eligible for that rebate.

Neither the manager nor Danny was the least bit apologetic for what happened to me.


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