Toshiba - It is All About Toshiba!!!

Posted on Friday, December 9th, 2011 at 1:32pm CST by b5c58572

Product: Toshiba Laptop(s)

Company: Toshiba

Location: US


Category: Other

Purchased a Toshiba laptop and the casing started to come apart in less than eight months. Toshiba stated that they classify ALL issues of a functional nature such as this as "PHYSICAL DAMAGE", which is not covered under their warranty. Toshiba DOES NOT ALLOW ANY issue to be classified as "PHYSICAL FAILURE" of their product.

If the DVD Tray falls out two-weeks after purchase, it is physical damage and the customers responsibility. If the case starts to come apart two-days after purchase, physical damage and NOT physical failure of the components or the design of the product. They are Perfect. They can even tell you that the problem is physical damage, without even having to see the product. They are "Special", evidently. It must be nice to tell all your customers that whatever happens, it is due to the negligence of the customer, they caused the physical damage.... Check the Warranty & Buy Another Brand.


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