Daniels Jewelry - Honor your displayed price mistake

Posted on Friday, December 9th, 2011 at 11:39pm CST by 2ba0e5dc

Company: Daniels Jewelry

Location: Riverside, Ca, 92506, US

URL: http://danielsjewelry.com/

Category: Other

I saw a wedding band on store display and requested to purchase it.The store manager Reema wrote it up and totaled the entire purchase. And faxed over to credit department for approval. Afterward she noticed the ring item number and said "I was just playing" I would get fired for selling this ring at that price ($399.99) "A new employee made a mistake" .I observed that original price was approx $1100 it was marked on sale tag display. and the sale price was Clearly $399.99 "is it my fault for seeing the ring on store display? for that price ? I canceled the original deal and payed off my balance. I don't need to do business with a company that doesn't honor a price displayed in-store


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