Tommie Copper stinks!

Posted on Thursday, December 8th, 2011 at 3:15pm CST by 547dd897

Company: Tommie Copper stinks!

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I ordered a Tommie Copper Knee Sleeve after seeing an advertisement on TV. I went to their web site and checked the size that I was suppose to order according to their web site.

The chart had a picture to show you where to measure your knee. My knee measured 18". According to THEIR chart, if your knee measures 16" to 18" you order a Medium. It also said that if your knee measures 18" to 20", you order a large. I ordered a LARGE. I received the knee sleeve and the band at the top and the bottom of the sleeve is way too tight and uncomfortable to wear.

I sent an email to Tommie Copper and got a reply telling me how to measure my knee 5" above the center of the knee . Just to satisfy the customer service representative, I measured my knee again and again, my knee measured 18".

I sent an email back to the customer representative and have never gotten a response. I even sent TWO more emails and am being ignored.

I called customer service and spoke with a representative and he told me to return the sleeve for an even larger size. I told him I was not going to pay for shipping it back because the error was theirs. He told me to ship it back and get a receipt from the post office and I would be reimbursed.

I can't understand why they can't send me a return postage label? It's easy for them to say they will reimburse me for the postage and then refuse once they get the product back.

If they can't even reply to my emails once they found out that I was dissatisfied with their product and their chart was incorrect, why should I believe they are going to reimburse me my postage?

I would not recommend doing business with this company. BEWARE.


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Lorenzo E., 2013-07-21, 06:59AM CDT

What a wussy! You got what you wanted, and you still had to complain!

Eric G., 2013-10-05, 06:29AM CDT

if they suggest the large and its still uncomfortable then you must be terribly fat in the legs I've order from them and have gotten great customer service and size stop whining you whale

genelle p., 2013-10-09, 07:55PM CDT

does this item really knee hurts all the time.even my doctor can't help.

Garry E., 2013-10-26, 09:39AM CDT

I find it very disturbing when the comments posted are a direct attack on the person making a complaint.

Calling a person a "Wussy" or a "Whale is extremely childish and is in fact siber bullying.

If you have nothing good to say, SAY NOTHING.

Garry E.

Wendy W., 2013-11-11, 03:54AM CST

You're right about the cyber bullying! Wow, so rude.

I must admit I'm now wary about buying this product. I had surgery on both knees, and they swell. It all looks good on tv, but........

At least with the lady making the complaint, they DID offer her a bigger size still! Doesn't make you fat to get a bigger size!!!!

46e02a6d, 2013-11-14, 04:11AM CST

I'm wanting to rid the pain from my knees but I am worried now that I might just be throwing my money away. I guess I should just man up and try it and see for myself if it's going to work. Thanks.

Loren A., 2013-11-19, 09:15AM CST

I'm not seeing any comments - pro or con - that relate to osteoarthritis back pain. I have such severe pain in my lower back that, without support, I can't stand for more than a couple minutes.

Does anyone know if Tommie Copper would be helpful in relieving that pain?

Douglas S., 2013-11-23, 02:48PM CST

No one is commenting on how the product actually works! The company offers a 60 (some CS reps say 90) day return policy. Start using whatever it is AS SOON AS YOU GET IT! if you do not feel any better by the 59th day, return it. This is innovative! It is not scientifically proven--you are taking your chances, but by not even trying it, are you feeling any better? No, of course not. And if you use it and it works--just think about THAT!

And stop using the website to cyberbully people who are willing to write in and talk about a product.

Peter F., 2013-11-27, 05:06PM CST

This product works great on me. I have a torn meniscus in my knee. From the day I put on Tommie Copper I have felt no pain. I went to work one day without it and was in pain. I still don't believe it. Im sure every case is different and this product is no substitute for surgery. This product worked from the first day I wore it. Im sure that there is a small group of people that don't apply to the size chart, but you know who you are.

Linda Moberg, 2013-11-30, 07:19AM CST

Ok, now I haven't tried these as yet, not sure I will, but not because of the above complaint. I looked at the way to measure and it said to measure 5" or so many cm ABOVE the knee. Now the person says they did that. The person measured the KNEE! Now either this person is just not explaining very well as she/he said to the customer service rep they would remeasure and says again that the KNEE was 18". Did anyone catch up on that or is it just me?

Linda Moberg, 2013-11-30, 07:33AM CST

Now about the cyber bullying first. This is childish behavior and should be deleted from the comments section as not having anything to do with this person's comment. She or he, I still think did not measure properly even after being told by customer service how to measure for the knee brace. I saw where it said 5" above (or cm) the middle of the knee for your size. I think even though they measured several times with the same answer that they may have measured the middle of the knee and not 5" above which would be the thigh area. As for the use of copper in making your pain go away I haven't really seen much on how great it is, yet there are those who swear by it. Compression stockings, socks, etc have been used in hospitals for years. My daughter had my grandson in '10 and she had toxemia which made her legs and ankles swell horribly and were quite painful. Her doctor ordered some stockings and she wore them for about 6 mos after his birth most of the time. The compression sort of massages the area used in, also give it support and helps the healthy flow of blood through the area. I am looking more for something that has a high waist, even that may go a small portion onto the thigh (sort of what we call boy shorts in women's apparel) because I have degenerative disc disease in my lower back and could also use the support in the stomach area although I am not huge it is a bit bigger than in the past and due to medical problems. I work at Cracker Barrel in retail so am on my feet constantly and so the leg sleeve and if they had the pants that went up further as I have explained I think would do me great. I may even try the socks as they would help as well. Again the importance and effect of the copper in the material is still up for discussion and also reviewing for how helpful it is, but the compression part will help many people with their problems. Just read the directions carefully following it exactly. Also check if they give only one measurement as in the camisoles and also tank tops for women as they only ask for the measurement in the bust area and do not include the stomach where some of us also have a problem. Good luck, may your holidays (Merry Christmas to those who still say that) and may the new year bring us health, family and troubles better than last year. May our kindness be shared with others no matter what they do in return.

be9f8a22, 2013-12-20, 05:08PM CST

Sharon R. I ordered the knee sleeve and had almost immediate relief from the arthritis in my knees. I was unaware of the fact I was sitting in a chair with both my legs curled up on the chair, my husband looked at me and asked if I was aware I had both legs curled, this was impossible before the sleeve. I heard about this product this past summer on vacation I talked to a lady that pretty much wears all the pieces and impressed me with the story how much this product has helped her. After Christmas I will be sending for a pair for my husband.

Gerry S., 2013-12-22, 09:53AM CST

I had a HORRIFIC reaction to tommie copper clothing breaking out in sores, my legs blistered and peeled and had horrific edema in my arms, feet and legs in January/February 2013. The sores burn and itch and the pain is unbearable. The sores would not heal and I had biopsies done in September which shows a fungal growth from the clothing. I have also developed Toxic Metabolic Etiology as shown on an EMG done in September. The sores still burn and itch and I am in so much MORE pain this past year then I have ever been in my life. I use to walk every morning before wearing tc clothing and now it is difficult to walk around my home due to such horrific constant pain. The clothing is advertised as being made in the US, but the tags in my clothing state, Made in Mexico, Dominican Republic and some packaged in bags saying Made in China. I have also now developed a form of Dermatitis shown on a recent biopsy from the clothing. I have heard from other people who wore the clothing and have developed the exact same type of sores that I have from wearing the clothing with the same reaction of itching, burning, sores oozing a yellowish liquid and reacting to medications ordered for the symptoms, just as I have experienced. If anyone else has been developing sores from the clothing you can contact me and I will send you pictures of my reaction to the tommie copper clothing as I have documented all the sores and symptoms since January 2013. [email protected]

197d0109, 2014-02-24, 08:56AM CST

An alternative product can be found at Wal*Mart - It is manufactured by a company named MUELLER...and, it appears to be made of a heavier material than Tommie Copper products...but, it is LESS EXPENSIVE...and, IF YOU ARE DISSATISFIED...IT CAN BE RETURNED FOR FULL CREDIT...(NO postage or shipping costs either way)...My experience includes tremendous relief with two different items... onr for my right knee AND, likewise, one for my lower back...MUELLER IS WORTH THE TRY WITHOUT THE RISK at Wal*Mart...

5242af3e, 2014-03-09, 04:01PM CDT

My complaint is not of product, instead it is of customer service rendering excuse after excuse regarding availability of products and delivery time. 60 days waiting on an exchange order. Many emails to and fro only to hear the same old lame excuses. Told me back on Jan. 22, 2014 that my exchange was shipped including a tracking number. A call to tc 10 days later and I was told the exchange item has and will be out of stock with no known delivery...................this is not a good experience with this so called customer service ??????

d09f1f5b, 2014-04-01, 10:24AM CDT

I broke my ankle and foot horribly two years ago -- I had surgery, implants, and pain with every step now. I got a Tommie Copper ankle support and it has helped me tremendously...I have less pain, limp less, and just generally get around better when I'm wearing it. I thought it might just be "all in my head," but I misplaced it for a week, and I could tell a huge difference when I wasn't wearing it! I agree that the top band is way too tight, but it does hold the support up and doesn't really bother me when I'm wearing it. I've just ordered some more Tommie Copper items, and would recommend them to anyone with problem ankles.

5f8e9cbe, 2014-04-14, 08:34PM CDT

Gerry S: could your reaction be caused by the copper contained in the fabric? Maybe you have one hellova allergy!

172116de, 2014-04-19, 08:05AM CDT

Does anybody know if Tommie Copper is okay for diabetics to use. I don't like to buy something without finding out if I can use it safely since I am a diabetic. Thanks.

Jeannette R., 2014-09-17, 09:55AM CDT

I am still awaiting my TC item. It was ordered, and credit card processed, on September 3, 2014. Since then, I have heard that "there is no email address with this order" so I could not be notified that the item is "out of stock" oh wait, shipping just notified me that it is available but "we have changed shipping facilities" and we are sorry. They will email me when it is shipped with the tracking number...Uh guys, you said you didn't have an email for me. Today I was told it may be shipped later this week with delivery sometime next week. Customer Service is really bad and very cavalier in response. Can't speak to the effectiveness of the product....hopefully it will arrive soon.

Gerry S., 2014-09-17, 10:41AM CDT

I am still having numerous medical problems from wearing tommie copper clothing. I break out in sores all the time and the biopsies report it is still from the clothing reaction. My copper levels were elevated and so was my lead level from when I was tested 3 years prior when all my heavy metals were BELOW the average level. I have all the symptoms of Copper Toxicity. The fungal infection has destroyed all my toe nails and I can't stand to wear shoes from all the sores that developed. I have documented this HELL in pictures since my reaction in January 2013 and still severely affected by it. I was also diagnosed with several forms of Neuropathy in my legs where the sores were on my legs and the severe edema. I received frequent requests from people who are also developing medical problems from tc clothing requesting my pictures. You can contact me at: [email protected]

6c61ef06, 2014-09-17, 11:21AM CDT

What in the hell is the reason for you hogging up the web site with your complaint? Do you think you are the only one that needs to be heard? FYI you aren't ! You are nothing but a selfish dimwit that hogs up other peoples space on this web sight.

Gerry S., 2014-09-19, 08:29AM CDT

6c61ef06 I am extremely sorry about the numerous entries. Each time I typed in the letters in the box, it said they were wrong, so I typed them in again, with the same "wrong" wording stated. Some websites have you type them in 2-3 times to be sure you are a human, so I typed them in again. I did NOT know that each time it was posting, as it said, it couldn't post unless the boxed words were correct. I am so sorry this "selfish dimwit hogged up" the website. I tried to delete them, but couldn't figure out how to do it. THANK YOU to the kind person who did delete the extra entries. I appreciate it. I am truly sorry to all of you and especially to 6c61ef06. Also I noted that my email address is wrong. The correct email for contacting me directly for pictures is: [email protected]

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