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Posted on Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 at 3:31pm CST by 8238d23c

Product: Apparel Industry

Company: Catina Ferraine Couture Gallery

Location: Downtown Los Angeles. Fashion District.
Los Angeles, Ca, US


Category: Other

My terrible experience with Catina Ferraine is never ending. Continous series of problems.She still has material that belongs to me, which I have been trying to get back since July. I have asked for it several times and she always says she's sending it but I have not received it yet. She didn't deliver what she promised and she stole my material. I want to share this experience with all consumers and be careful of these so called "professionals" who are completely unprofessional.

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8238d23c, 2012-01-24, 11:10AM CST

I wrote the first comment and received this message from a different client of Catina Ferraine:

" Hi I am emailing you because I saw your complaint and I wanted follow up with you to see whatever happened with your situation. I am currently a client of Catina and was told that my garments would be completed months ago yet nothing has been done since then and I've already paid her a significant amount of money. She seems really sincere about getting behind and she says she intends to finish but at this point I'm just REALLY concerned that I am getting put on the back burner or that maybe she has over extended herself. Please let me know what happened with your experience and how she handled your situation.


Catina had very sincere reasons for falling behind and not devilering our work as well. We gave up on wanting our garments and just asked for our materials to be sent back to us. She said she would put it in the mail, however, we never received anything. We asked for our materials just this past November 2011. We have since then not contacted her and she has also not contacted us. We paid her in full and never fulfilled her promise. Dealing with her was a hassle and gave me a lot of grief.

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