Ashley Furniture Homestore - Ashley Furniture Homestore lies

Posted on Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 at 10:53pm CST by 6731f4a6

Company: Ashley Furniture Homestore

Location: 5026 Frankford Avenue
Lubbock, TX, US


Category: Other

LUBBOCK, TEXAS -- We orderd a $6,200 Tempur-pedic mattress and foundation from Ashley Furniture based on the sales person and managers' repeated and explicit promise that if the product did not meet our needs Ashley Furniture would "make it right" and that the product had a 90 day guarantee. Repeatedly we stated to them that we would not purchase such an expensive mattress from this store or any other store based on a five minute test lay in the store unless it was understood that we could return the mattress if it didn't work well for us.

Repeatedly and without any reservation or contingencies they assured us that the mattress was guaranteed. After we signed the receipt, we went home and read some unfavorable reviews about Ashley Furniture and therefore decided to cancel our order, realizing that other consumers have had a lot of problems with them. Predictably, Ashley Furniture refuses to refund our money. We did not accept delivery of the mattress and yet are being gouged for $6,200. Again, I want to emphasize, we would have NEVER purchased from them to begin with if it were not for the repeated, unqualified statement (lie) from the sales person and manager that Ashley Furniture had a 90 day guarantee on the mattress set. They refuse to honor that verbal contract. When we met with a store manager to attempt to resolve and go our separate ways, we received yet more lies about the customer service emphasis and assurances that they would "make it right". Several weeks later they called to let us know that we can use a portion (about $4,500) of the $6,200 as "in store credit" and that the rest was a cancellation fee. They refuse to issue a refund despite the fact that we do not and have never had the product. We will be filing complaints with the Lubbock BBB, TX attorney general and the Federal Trade Commission as well as filing a lawsuit more than likely. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS VERY UNETHICAL BUSINESS.


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