Dell Computers - Dell Computer Useless for 3rd Time in 10 Months

Posted on Tuesday, December 6th, 2011 at 2:46pm CST by 1ca9a24f

Product: Dell XPS15 Laptop

Company: Dell Computers

Location: US


Category: Other

Following is a copy of the LinkedIn Inmail I sent last night, Dec. 5, 2011, to Mr. Dell, CEO and Mr. Gladden, CFO of Dell Computers. I only want a laptop that works and service people who actually do something to help.

Mr. Gladden,

Perhaps the money man at Dell will show concern about my visit to Dell Hell. I am not the same person who wrote the 400 Minutes in Hell article.

My experience with your company is too lengthy to type here. Soon you will see it on various blogs & consumer sites. My wife, a social media enthusiast, has posted my complaint on her LinkedIn page.

I have just filed a consumer complaint with the Ohio Attorney General. Also, one of my businesses works with CFOs/Treasurers of school systems, hospitals & govts. Imagine the glowing endorsement I will give to them about Dell (sarcasm intended).

My one year old Dell laptop will not power on for the 3rd time since I purchased it & an extended warranty. The motherboard was replaced twice before.

I sit with a useless Dell computer while typing on my daughter's HP laptop. I lose money as time passes because all my contact files are on my laptop. As a self-employed person, no access to files = no working = Lost Income.

Your tech people in India and Manila have learned their scripts well. I can predict almost every trite response they will give. Apparently, repeating I understand and I apologize is supposed to offset lack of corrective action. The call from your escalation team that was supposed to happen today between 11:30 and 1:00 pm EST today did not occur.

I called your support again at 3:30 EST today. After again going through the situation with your rep, I insisted on speaking with another supervisor. The rep checked & assured me that the supervisor would call me within the hour. That statement was made 2 hours ago.

Mr. Gladden, I loathe spending non-productive time chasing down a company to comply with both implicit and express warranties for any product. I do hope that my note to you lights a fire to improve your services & products.

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(Note: I finally heard from Bhabin Mrn of the escalation team at 7:30 pm EST last evening. He was rather condescending. When I informed him that I had filed a complaint with the Attorney General, he stated that he cannot help me because it is in the hands of the lawyers now and that they should contact me within 48 hours.)

(Note 2: It is currently 3:10 pm EST on Dec. 6. I have still not heard from Dell. Thus, we continue to post this letter on consumer complaint sites.)


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