Ship Overseas Inc - Don't trust Ship Overseas Inc

Posted on Friday, December 30th, 2011 at 7:19am CST by 503e63a6

Product: Overseas car shipper

Company: Ship Overseas Inc

Location: 7968 Arjons Drive
San Diego, CA, 92126, US


Category: Other

Ship Overseas Inc subcontracted the deal to Marine Transport Logistics Inc of Bayonne, NJ. They lost the license plates, then found them, and now want more money to forward them to me. Personal items missing from car. Car delivered with tire stem valves missing, and unsafe to drive. No notice given of removing tire valves.


6da3b04c, 2011-12-30, 09:50AM CST

Page Edwards is a racist who does not like Russians and told me that they are dishonest and out to cheat the world. I have emails from him to prove it.

Regarding his plates I also have emails from him stating that he witnessed his plates being removed from his vehicle and never questioned the person who removed them.

He wants to drive his car illegally in Lithuania where he now is by continuously renewing his American Tags and not paying the registration fees he is required to do in Lithuania.

His legal requirement was to surrender his plates to the D M V as he was exporting his vehicle and not to return.

Why he never questioned the person who removed the plates in front of him remains a mystery.

He initially agreed to to pay $75.00 to the company that loaded his vehicle into the container, to return his plates to him but then decided he was not going to pay them for this. This is a matter between him and them. Nothing to do with Ship Overseas, Inc.

Whatever claim he has has nothing to do wit Ship Overseas, Inc.

he is a very bitter man who one has to feel sorry for his shortcomings.

a263fc15, 2011-12-30, 10:44AM CST

I am the customer. I had no problem receiving my car. Page Edmunds was so broke he tried stealing some stuff out of my car. Then he blamed it on poor ol' Ship Overseas. The original complaint was me complaining about Page Edmunds, but I see Page is mad at the world and on drugs.

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