sears canada - double charging to credit card

Posted on Saturday, December 3rd, 2011 at 8:29pm CST by 908e43a8

Company: sears canada

Location: calgary, ab, CA

Category: Other

i went to pickup a item that i had ordered on line through Sears Canada, the item had been charged to my mastercard and the credit card has been paid in full. The clerk wanted to swipe my mastercard. I advised the clerk i would show them my card only as swiping would be double charging me. i advised them to send it back as i was not going to be allow Sears to swipe again which would mean being charged twice for the product. The clerk never even asked for id to check who I was. Sears does not have any reason to see credit card that was approved. All they should be doing is checking id and checking on method of payment ie cod, prepaid etc. My fulltime job is customer service at a multibillion dollar corporation and i regulary take mastercard payments for our customers so I know that the credit card system works. Beware of Sears Canada online double charging. My suggestion is only deal with Sears Canada in person.


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