ShopNBC LIES to Customers

Posted on Thursday, December 29th, 2011 at 4:14am CST by a9ea95b3

Company: ShopNBC LIES to Customers

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December 27, 2011

On the morning of December 25, I placed an order with ShopNBC.

After placing the order an order receipt appeared with a delivery date

of December 28th.

A few hours later I got an email stating that the delivery date was January 4th.

After thinking about my purchase, I changed my mind. Early on

December 26th, I tried to cancel my order online, but found there was no

option to cancel it.&#160 I then called customer service and was

told that I couldn't cancel the order. I asked how the order

could go into processing if no one was working Christmas Day?& She told me that ShopNBC was open on Christmas day. That turned

out to be a LIE.

I was told a note would be sent to cancel the order but there were no

guaranties and that I would receive an email within 24hrs. whether or

not the order was cancelled. Well, 24hrs. more than passed and

NO EMAIL.&#160 Another LIE.

I called several times today to see if the order is going to be

cancelled and all I get is excuses. I was told late this

morning that I would get a phone call by the end of the day letting me

know if my order was cancelled or not. That didn't happen

either. Another LIE.

I just got off the phone with a supervisor. What waste of

time. More excuses. I keep asking people HOW, if they

were closed on Christmas Day, could they possibly process the order I

placed. I cannot get a straight answer.

The supervisor told me that they have to search through "thousands" of

boxes to try and find my order.&#160 I don't believe him

either. I get the feeling that all I am getting is the run


Well, maybe ShopNBC doesn't want to answer "my" questions, but I have a

feeling they will have to give my State Attorney General

answers. I filed a complaint against ShopNBC.

Hopefully, he can the answers that I haven't been able too.

My husband is a truck driver and

delivers freight for a living. He was told by shippers that before an

order goes on a UPS truck or other carrier, it has to be scanned. If a

customer cancels an order it is during that scan that the shipper finds

out that an order is cancelled and shipping stops.&#160 I told this to ShopNBC's customer service and according to them, they have a different procedure.&#160 (NONE)

I will NEVER place another order with ShopNBC. They are by far

the worst company on TV that I have ever dealt with. NEVER



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