HSBC Card Services - Sears took payment but won't credit account

Posted on Wednesday, December 28th, 2011 at 1:29pm CST by fbcf42d3

Product: Sears Solutions Mastercard

Company: HSBC Card Services

Location: HSBC Card Services
PO Box 17051, Baltimore MD, Pa, 21297-1051, US


Category: Other

Paid Sears $50.00 for Sears Solution Mastercard payment due Dec 4th, 2011. Never credited. Have receipt with date & payment amount (thank God). Called & called (deal with NO SPEAK ENGLISH). Soooo I went to Sears store sat in office for 20 min while manager called some idiot Dec 20. Made phone call AGAIN Dec 28! Told to make $30 payment Jan 4th when I OWE bal of $10.03!!!!!!! And I'm supposed to fax my receipt that their manager had in his hand!!! I am not driving to Staples & paying to fax nor am mailing for receipt to be lost in mail. Arrrrggggg! I don't want a lousy credit of $20!!! I only owe $10.03 which is what I should pay Jan 4th. I am done w Sears. No wonder they're going under - no customer service. They're all idiots (except manager at Mills Mall Tarentum Pa, he tried, he was very buisy (xmas) but he was great. I am done w Sears. We were getting a new stove & fridge - going to Lowes instead. Sarah Dunsworth Did try online but my info didn't match so I got nowhere.


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