Alibris - Beware Alibris

Posted on Tuesday, December 27th, 2011 at 11:08am CST by 59f562fc

Product: Audio CDs

Company: Alibris

Location: Malvern, PA, 19355, US


Category: Other

I order CDs of a book. I received a hard copy book instead. When I informed them of the problem, they basically said, too bad--contact the "seller". Apparently they only represent sellers. They are willing to take my money but not willing to correct a problem and insure the quality of the people they represent. They have instructed me to contact the seller but I have not been able to get the link they provided to work. They suggested I return the item (I of course am expected to pay for shipping) and try ordering again. I'm not that crazy. I will find the item through another organization. On this one, I think I'm screwed but I want to warn others and hopefully Alibris will learn that not supporting their customers has its negative affects.


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