Best Buy #1895 - Best Buy Destroyed My PC

Posted on Tuesday, December 27th, 2011 at 9:20pm CST by bdb0695a

Product: Gateway FX 6800-05

Company: Best Buy #1895

Location: 50 State Highway 36
Eatontown, Ne, 07724, US


Category: Other



Service Order # 01895-965655522 (Data Recovery)

Service Order #01895-966812293 (System Failure after Data Recovery was unsuccessful)

I brought my computer to Best Buy/Geek Squad in Eatontown, NJ on 10/15 because I accidently deleted my data. I was advised that the data recovery would be performed at the store. A few days later I received a phone call from Kentucky. Best Buy shipped my entire CPU approximately 50 lbs to KY!!!! I did not authorize Best Buy to ship my pc out of state. Why didn't they ship the hard drive? A few weeks later I received a voice mail message to call KY Service Center. The representative advised that the data could not be recovered and the pc would be shipped to NJ store. I called NJ store several days later and was advised the pc was ready for pickup. I asked the Geek Squad manager to boot up the machine so I can see if it worked. The pc would not boot up. The manager fumbled with the computer for 45 minutes. He started the computer in safe mode. He attempted to tweek the BIOS; no response. I was advised that the pc needs to be sent to the service center. It is now 12/8. According to Geek Squad, the pc is still being repaired. They have replaced the motherboard and optical drive. My computer is completely ruined. This was my dream computer Gateway FX6800-05 i7 940 2.93 GHz with 2 hard drives ( 1 TB each), 80 SSD, RAM memory 12 GB DDR3, blue ray burner, DVD/RW, wireless LAN, NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti and power supply of 1,000 watts. I have made the following upgrades to my computer blue ray burner, increased memory from 6 GB DDR3 to 12 GB DDR3, vista to windows 7 home preminum, Microsoft Works 9.0 to Microsoft Office 2007. I have Hardon Kadon speaker which has great sub woofer and 23" monitor which is great for viewing movies and playing games - Star Craft II, Call of Duty, etc.

I am afraid that my computer will never be the same again. I have every imaginable warranty - Black Tie, etc. I want a new computer. My computer has diminished value. I can't be sure that the computer will not have problems in the future. My computer is a gaming system which cost $3,000. Geek Squad cannot tell me when the computer will be repaired or what is wrong with the computer. The motherboard is the "brain" of the computer. This computer will never be the same. Please help me resolve this matter.

I have submitted this complaint to Best Buy Web Site, Bamboozle @ Newark Star Ledger (local newspaper), Better Business Bureau of NJ and Damon Gammon, Sr. Executive Resolution Specialists at Best Buy's Corporate Office in MN.

I will not be satisfied with anything less than a new computer of equal which has all upgrades which I added to my computer. I do not want a "refurbished" computer. My computer was functioning when it was taken to the NJ store. Now, the computer no longer works. No one from Best Buy/Geek Squad can tell me when the computer will be repaired. I think your employee attempted to repair the computer without anti-static material and fried the machine (computer repair 101). I worked hard to afford my "dream computer". What did Geek Squad do to my computer?

Please resolve this matter as soon as possible. I have been without a computer for too long.

On 12/27/2011, I received a phone call from "Godwin" who advised my PC was ready for pickup. I was advised that the motherboard and fan were replaced. Godwin could not tell me what type of motherboard (model number) and type of fan. I was advised he did not know. I want to ensure that Geek Squad did not put cheap parts on in my computer. Godwin advised he didn't have time to talk to me and hung up. I will not be satisified until I have a new computer. I have no confidence that this computer has been repaired to my satisfaction.

Best Regards,

Stephanie Goodson (H) 732-988-5240

(C) 908-433-4697


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