Dish Network - Attempted theft of property

Posted on Tuesday, December 27th, 2011 at 1:21pm CST by 5f28f818

Product: Dish VIP211K Receiver

Company: Dish Network

Location: 1020 Cherokee Street
Denver, Co, 80204, US


Category: Other

After showing correctly for about two years that I leased two VIP211 Receivers and owned one VIP211K that I purchased from another company in January 2009.

I checked my equipment list on their site 12/26/2011. This time they show that all three Receivers are leased. I called to get them to correct that. I was told "NO" that they show it as leased and I would have to furnish a receipt for it. This was purchased three years ago. I gave them the Name and Address of the company I purchased it from. I do not know after all this time where the receipt is. If they would just check their records it would show that I did lease the two VIP211's but did not lease the VIP211K. They will not do that.

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a9b849d6, 2011-12-27, 10:06PM CST

Hello, my name is Mark and I work for DISH Network customer service and would be happy to look into this for you. Please email with your account number and either the receiver number or pin number on the DISH Network account.

Thank You

Mark Haakenson

Internet Response Team

DISH Network LLC

[email protected]

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