Dicks Sporting Goods - EXCHANGE policy with Dicks Sporting Goods

Posted on Monday, December 26th, 2011 at 10:33am CST by 2a01c5bd

Product: North Face Jacket

Company: Dicks Sporting Goods

Location: Galleria Mall,
Taunton, MA, US

Category: Other

Attempted to EXCHANGE a North Face jacket, original price $165.00, for another size. NO receipt, but all tags still attached. Exact same jacket, color, price etc. just needed a Medium instead of a Large.

Manager told me that to do so, I would need to pay him an additional $86.50. He would "return" the original at some sale price (did anyone actually ever see these on sale for $86.50???)

and I would owe him the additional $86.50 for the new size.

This amounts to extortion as far as I'm concerned. I was returning a jacket, tags still on, for the exact same jacket in another size.

I was not asking for any discount, refund, or gift card etc for any difference. Simply give me a Medium instead of a Large.

I left disgusted at the extortion attempt, and will wear the Large and let people know that it fits hideously because of their exchange policy. NO WHERE ON THEIR WEBSITE DOES IT STATE ANY EXCHANGE POLICY!!!


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