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Posted on Monday, December 26th, 2011 at 3:48pm CST by 1fe88256

Product: Allure Magazine

Company: Allure

Location: US


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Received Christmas gift of Olay Products which included a free magazine subscription for Allure and coupons for Olay products. Coupons all have expiration dates of 12/31/12. When I went to redeem my free magazine subscription it said offer is no longer available. I also purchased gifts for others because of the free subscription advertised on the box. This is only the day after Christmas and already the site for redemption has been pulled. This is not right!I would not have purchased this gift for others and I am sure they would not have purchased this for me if they have known the magazine subscription advertised on the box was a scam.


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5ad9bafc, 2012-10-29, 09:56PM CDT

YOU are so right!!! it is a scam and i would not have purchased it either if i would have known before it was a scam i am going to complain about it the the company to.

Wendi S., 2012-12-25, 01:00PM CST

Absolutely they are still doing it. This was purchased this year and they are no longer offering it. Allure should have put the expiration dates n the front by the get a free subscription label!! Shame, Shame!

0eb5d138, 2012-12-25, 08:57PM CST

this s not right you said i did say you said on the package and the coupon free bonus. one year subsription with purchase. told to go to email address and now you say no good. well this not away too have a buisness. you should be very sorry for this being and example of your company. as we all know it can hurt your buisness when word gets out. as far as being expired there is no experidation date on coupon or the box. i think if it was my company i would lick my chops and honor. i would next time be more carefull.never a man stood so tall as one who could say they are sorry.good buisness if you ask me.

264f18c5, 2012-12-27, 01:38PM CST

I agree this is not fair and I think allure should do something about this. I will not buy another product from this company if this is the way they do business

Elba C., 2012-12-28, 06:59AM CST

I feel the same way, will not be scam again, shame on you, I am 69 and your making me feel 7 by been taken , made a fool off. And them 5 tries to post

andrea l., 2012-12-30, 07:17PM CST

I feel the same way.This is not fair.This is one of the reason I got the gift.Shame on you.


DIANE B., 2013-01-02, 07:45PM CST

I went home Christmas night and immediately placed an order for two of the Oil of Olay gift sets. I just received my order and attempted to process my free subscription and find out that it has expired. Very disappointing. Will go to the Allure website and post my complaint on their site.

April S., 2013-02-18, 08:29PM CST

exactly a scam... bought as gift last year and they didnt order till feb 2012. They did receive the promotion as described but, this year I rreceive my own and Its Expired.. No No this is fraud to buy your products.. All coupons dont expire till 12-31-13. Now id like my free bonus gift that came with my gift. This is a load of crud to do this to so many ppl. On the packaging thre is no experation for the magazine subscriptions.. What a joke and fraud your business practices are. It should be availBLE AS LONG AS COUPONS ARE 12-31-13

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